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10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 13

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2014.10.04 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 13.

Yoon Jung Mok
He bought alcohol again
He drank it again
He’ll probably die
Dating… can ruin a person

Dating can ruin a person…but we also can’t live without it.

Do Joon Ho
She’s kind of hassle.
She’s slow on picking up on things, but she eats well.
We’re a perfect match when it comes to ramen.
She has a bit of a foul mouth and punches often.
But she doesn’t get constipation like most women.
And… Her legs are short…but her breasts are decent..
Her face… She’s really not my type.
She’s also not very clean.
Her drinking habits are bad and she’s sort dimwitted.

Jang Gi Eun
Why do you want to meet a girl like that?

Love is blind

Han Yeo Reum
Yes, I’m wavering.
How can I not? It’s not someone else, but Kang Tae Ha.
Don’t you know what kind of person Kang Tae Ha is?
We dated for five years, and I met him during my most innocent stage
And loved him with my everything
He’s still someone who knows my everything.
He’s someone who knows me more than you and Do Joon Ho, who’ve been my friends for 30 years
So how can I not be shaken up?
I’m wavering. I’m wavering. I’m wavering.
So I wait even thought I shouldn’t be waiting.
I say things I shouldn’t’ be saying.
But what? What have I done more from there?
Taking him home after my ex of five years carried my drunk friend home?
Or being nervous that Ha Jin might find out?
Did I sleep with Tae Ha? Or am I planning on running away with him?
You can’t even see me wavering?
I’m not running away. I know where my place is.
Either way, I’m staying put in where my place is.
I’m not plastic, or just metal. How can I not waver?

It’s okay to be shaken up a bit, but know where your place is.

Han Yeo Reum
When you look at someone else’s relationship, it seems silly and cheesy.
And you wonder why they’re acting like that.
I don’t understand other people’s relationships either.
But you’re my friend.
Even though everyone else throws rocks at me, you shouldn’t be doing it.
If you do, I think I’ll be pretty hurt.

Friends don’t throw rocks at friends.

Han Yeo Reum
Who knew I would like makchang. I couldn’t even eat soondae before I met you.

Kang Tae Ha
I also didn’t watch romance movies or dramas before I met you.
I started watching because of you.

Han Yeo Reum
What else is there?
I started liking photography.

Kang Tae Ha
I knew the meaning behind names of trees

Han Yeo Reum
I listened to jazz because of you

Kang Tae Ha
Novels too. I started reading because of you.

Han Yeo Reum
Putting potatoes in dwengjangchigae

Kang Tae Ha
Putting sesame oil in ramen.
You changed half of my preferences

Han Yeo Reum
You did too.

Dating someone can change a lot about you.

Han Yeo Reum
As we live our own lives,
If I see a similar person, I’ll run to him…
And then slowly forget him, right?

Kang Tae Ha
As I write a letter or call her when I’ll drunk,
One day, I might not even remember her face
If that happens, it would be better.

Han Yeo Reum
I don’t think I can be friends with Kang Tae Ha.
I really want to hold his hand.

Kang Tae Ha
Should I pretend like I’m drunk and hold her hand?
Should I pretend like I’m drunk, and kiss her?

Han Yeo Reum
Can I pretend like I’m drunk like that day, and touch his face?
Can I not touch his face once without getting my feelings revealed?
I probably shouldn’t tell him I’m wavering, right?

Kang Tae Ha
Yeo Reum will have a hard time if I tell her I still like her, right?

Getting over someone is a long and hard process.

Nam Ha Jin
Yeo Reum probably has no idea how nervous I was.

Don’t immediately assume the worst has happened

Do Joon Ho
If she was with Kang Tae Ha last night -

Yoon Sol
I told you to shut your mouth.
Even if she slept with Kang Tae Ha, she’s our friend.
Even if she didn’t sleep with Kang Tae Ha, she’s our friend.

Regardless of what happens, friends defend each other.

Nam Ha Jin
You’re a very complicated and difficult woman.

Yea. I am a difficult woman, so continue being on your toes

Don’t be too easy

Get rid of your ex’s stuff.

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