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‘Love Rain’ Shows Displeasure at ‘The Classic’s’ Copyright Infringement Claims

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2012.06.08 13:26 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The KBS2 drama Love Rain made it clear that it would take strong countermeasures against the copyright infringement suit filed by the film The Classic.

Yoon’s Color, the production company of Love Rain, stated through its law firm Sejong on June 7, “The two pieces must actually have something similar in their expressions for it to be copyright infringement. Love Rain and The Classic use completely different expressions, dialogue and characters.”

‘Love Rain’ Shows Displeasure at ‘The Classic’s’ Copyright Infringement Claims

The statement followed the debate sparked when Egg Film had stated Love Rain infringed on copyrights of The Classic. “We believe the copyright of The Classic has been severely infringed and the plot, development process of events, characters and their relations in the drama Love Rain are too similar and key characters, scenes and episodes have been used without permission.”

An official from Yoon’s Color countered, “Producer Yoon Suk Ho has been acknowledged for his directing skill through such emotional pieces as Autumn in My Heart and Winter Sonata. Egg Film will be proved wrong through the court’s judgment.”

The official added, “Egg Film says that [the scenes] feel similar, but if that’s the case, then we could say many of The Classic’s scenes are similar in expression to Yoon Suk Ho’s previous pieces and many other melodrama genre pieces before it.”

The official also touched on the request for a ban on future airings of the drama that came after the drama had already come to a close.

“We suspect [The Classic] may be trying to jump on the bandwagon with producer Yoon Suk Ho and Love Rain when its overseas ventures are just starting to take shape. Yoon Suk Ho and the producers are showing great displeasure at the incident.”

The drama also warned that it may take legal measures.

A rep from the production company stated, “If any more illegal acts take place, we won’t just be looking on. We want to make clear that we’ll take civil and criminal measures against them if necessary, including those for defamation.”

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