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The Signs Ji Hyun Woo was In Love with Yoo In Na

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2012.06.08 11:30 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Ji Hyun Woo did the unprecedented and unexpected; he confessed his love for an actress in public.

On June 7, Ji Hyun Woo confessed his love for Yoo In Na at the fanmeeting for tvN’s Queen In Hyun’s Man, saying, “I really love Yoo In Na. I hope you look on us kindly.”

The Signs Ji Hyun Woo was In Love with Yoo In Na

The combination itself wasn’t that surprising. Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na had been caught up in such rumors ever since the beginning of the drama due to their tight teamwork.

The incident itself is surprising, however, because this is the first time a celebrity has confessed his love first in public before actually getting into a relationship or having the rumors hit the press.

As surprising as the event is, there were actually a few signs that showed how enamored the actor had been with Yoo In Na while shooting Queen In Hyun’s Man.

Most recently, when the drama was in its last stages of production, he dropped by the set even though he had finished shooting his own scenes.

It’s unusual for an actor to appear on set when he’s finished shooting his own parts, but Ji Hyun Woo did so, and even tried to rouse laughter with his humorous antics. He put himself in charge of the slate, and wrote down such funny lines as ‘Cameras no. 2 and 3 have such an obvious angle’ and ‘You’ve worked hard to edit all this’.

The Signs Ji Hyun Woo was In Love with Yoo In Na

Thanks to their great teamwork, the couple’s kiss scenes especially felt more realistic. The ‘tippy-toes’ kiss that gathered issues online on May 24 is an example.

The ‘tippy-toes’ kiss took place when Yoo In Na, who was 22cm smaller than Ji Hyun Woo, started to stand on tip toes while exchanging a kiss and continued to creep closer until she had climbed on top of Ji Hyun Woo’s feet. The scene especially drew out its romantic mood through a one-minute-long long-take.

Even before Queen In Hyun’s Man, the two had shared a brief encounter.

During the press conference for Queen In Hyun’s Man held on April 16, Ji Hyun Woo had said, “Before my debut, I had met with Yoo In Na before, about 10 years ago.”

To this Yoo In Na had added, “When I was aiming to be a singer, my friend was a vocalist for The Nuts. She introduced me to the members once, and that was when I saw the guitarist Ji Hyun Woo.”

Producer Kim Byung Soo had even said, “I hope the two really start going out with each other near the drama’s end,” with Ji Hyun Woo answering, “That would be an honor on my part. She’s beautiful, pure and has a great complexion.”

All these jokes ultimately came true on June 7, following the end of the drama.

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