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Ji Hyun Woo Drops Bombshell Love Confession to Yoo In Na

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2012.06.08 09:35 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

With tVN’s Queen In Hyun’s Man closing its curtains with a happy ending between Kim Boong Do and Choi Hee Jin, it seems that Ji Hyun Woo also wanted to start a story of his own with his co-star, Yoo In Na.

On June 7 after the last broadcast, the drama production held a special fan meeting to celebrate the ending of Queen In Hyun’s Man where the cast was interviewed.

There, Ji Hyun Woo was asked what he thought about Yoo In Na, and the actor proceeded to confess, “I want to become honest. Our drama’s charm is to make you lose your mind, and tonight, I’m going to say something that’ll make you lose your mind. I love Yoo In Na.”

Ji Hyun Woo Drops Bombshell Love Confession to Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na appeared very surprised, but managed to say, “It seems that after [the fan meeting], we should have a serious talk.”

The drama production staff revealed that Ji Hyun Woo’s sudden confession was not planned, and after the confession, the fan meeting is said to have been cut short and the cast left immediately.

Before his actual confession, Ji Hyun Woo shared at the fan meeting that in episode 14, when Kim Boong Do confesses his love for Choi Hee Jin for the first time, he couldn’t get into character and was unable to produce tears.

The shoot was then put on pause to let Ji Hyun Woo control his emotions.

The actor said, “Yoo In Na came to me and put her earphone in my ear to let me hear the drama OST. At that moment, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.”

Ji Hyun Woo Drops Bombshell Love Confession to Yoo In Na

It was also noted that during the final days of the filming, Ji Hyun Woo had come on set to help out even when all of his parts were already finished.

While there hasn’t been any official statements from either actor’s companies, who were also caught off-guard by Ji Hyun Woo’s confession, it is presumed that something will be said on June 8.

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s chemistry in the drama had created speculations many times that the couple was actually dating, but the actors have denied the fact each time.

With Ji Hyun Woo’s newfound confession, everyone is anticipating Yoo In Na’s response.

Queen In Hyun’s Man was a 16 episode production about the relationship between Joseon era scholar, Kim Boong Do, who time travels into present day, and rookie actress, Choi Hee Jin. The drama received positive responses for its good acting, tight storyline, and beautiful cinematography, only making fans excited that perhaps the love story in the drama could possibly transcend into reality.

Watch Ji Hyun Woo’s bold confession to Yoo In Na below.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan, CJ E&M

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