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ZE:A’s Moon Jun Young Apologizes and Thanks Star Empire’s CEO

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2014.09.22 10:48 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

ZE:A’s Moon Jun Young, who publicly criticized Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak, expressed his apologies.

On September 22, Moon Jun Young wrote, “I politely ask you to put everything down and think of us as your children one more time, as we start things over again. And I would like to thank the public, fans and the reporters for helping out. Thank you for helping us to rehabilitate ourselves.”

ZE:A’s Moon Jun Young, who publicly criticized Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak through his Twitter post on September 21, announced on September 22 that the conflicts have been partially resolved.

Moon Jun Young wrote, “For all of you who are reading my post, I will represent the ZE:A members and the seniors, juniors and colleagues who sing, act, dance and do variety shows, as I dare say that I will live and work hard under my new name Lee Hoo and ZE:A.”

ZE:A’s Moon Jun Young Apologizes and Thanks Star Empire’s CEO

However, Moon Jun Young also indicated that this matter is not completely over, writing, “I’m not a coward but I will keep my mouth closed for now. I will be watching. All the CEOs and operators of agencies should resolve conflicts within their companies as they fix the problems, apologize and accept what they did. What we ask for is that you put everything down and win the artists’ hearts.”

He continued, “If something like this ever happens again, please know that I have a weapon to turn the whole entertainment industry upside down. I am sorry for causing controversy and would like to thank you one more time. Thanks to you all, we were able to regain words like hope, goal and dream.”

Moon Jun Young also wrote, “I will also be saying this about ZE:A because there are some people who misunderstand. Money is not split among the inactive members, and when I was hurt, I was not paid at all for two years. 0 won. We don’t split money equally among members. I will not say more on this matter.”

He concluded, “I am really sorry for causing controversy for a day. I have finished talking with the CEO a moment ago, and it’s fortunate that my sincerity has been conveyed, and (the conflict) has been resolved. I would like to thank the CEO for opening up his ears to my sincerity and being considerate of us.”

Earlier on September 21, Moon Jun Young tweeted a post criticizing Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak, causing controversy. In the post, Moon Jun Young brought up the unfair situations and conflicts that the ZE:A members were going through as well as the fact that he even thought about committing suicide, shocking the public.

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