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Taetiseo Enjoys Doing Nail Art, Reading and Hiking on ‘The TaeTiSeo’

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2014.09.16 13:28 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Taetiseo’s daily activities will be revealed through broadcast.

The September 16 broadcast of On Style’s The TaeTiSeo will show the Taetiseo members enjoying their free time.

Seohyun enjoyed a ‘makgeolli (Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk) date’ with her friends while hiking. Introducing her three friends as the ones who were with her when she was ‘human Seo Ju Hyun’ during her school days, Seohyun enjoyed playing games in the car with her friends, as if she was a student again.

She enjoyed drinking makgeolli and eating tofu kimchi after hiking, showing her free and easy-going charms.

Taeyeon’s hobby was filled with artistic elements. Setting a gel nail kit gifted by the fans on the table, Taeyeon quickly fell into decorating her nails, uttering an exclamation each time she finished a step. Apart from the nail art, Taeyeon’s painting skills will also be revealed.

The production team revealed, ”She seemed like she was painting indifferently on the canvas but a high quality picture with a fancy gradation was completed in the end, surprising all of us.”

Taetiseo Enjoys Doing Nail Art, Reading and Hiking on ‘The TaeTiSeo’

Tiffany, who is always full of energy and passion, shyly confessed, “I enjoy reading books more often than I look.” She took out English books as she said, “Every time I visit home in America, I bring back about five books recommended by my sister.”

The production team said, “Apart from Taetiseo’s hobbies, their preparation for the 2nd album will also be released. Please look forward to watching Seohyun thoughtfully writing the lyrics, Tiffany recording the chorus and Taeyeon singing repeatedly and asking for advice in order to produce high quality songs.”

Photo credit: On Style

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