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[Video] g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo Apologizes to Shinhwa and Fans for Making Belittling Statements

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2014.09.15 10:52 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Promising to be more careful with what he says on broadcasts, g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo made an official apology to Shinhwa and its fanclub, Shinhwa Changjo.

On September 12, Kim Tae Woo appeared on Story On’s True Live Show, where the singer began talking about g.o.d in comparison to other first-generation idols. After saying that the peak of H.O.T and g.o.d’s careers were different, Shinhwa was brought into the subject.

[Video] g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo Apologizes to Shinhwa and Fans for Making Belittling Statements

“Shinhwa fans will probably curse me for this, but I say what needs to be said. Shinhwa was no match [for g.o.d],” said Kim Tae Woo. “If we’re looking at 100 percent [at the Jamsil Sports Complex], Shinhwa was about 30 percent, g.o.d was 60 percent. The remaining 10 were everyone else.”

Choi Hee, who used to be a Shinhwa fan, stated g.o.d’s fanbase was of many different ages, while most of Shinhwa’s fans were in their teens. Kim Tae Woo then added, “That’s right, because Shinhwa was visually superior.”

Following the broadcast, Shinhwa Changjos was upset by Kim Tae Woo’s belittling comments towards Shinhwa, who is known to be quite close to the g.o.d members and has even advised g.o.d during its reunion process.

As fanwars were beginning to brew between Shinhwa Changjos and g.o.d’s fanclub, fangod, Kim Tae Woo took notice of the situation and wrote out a long apology through his Twitter on September 14.

[Video] g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo Apologizes to Shinhwa and Fans for Making Belittling Statements

The following is the Twitter apology:

“As I’m not one to check on replies or reactions, I just found out how big this situation has become. I made an excessive comment for the sake of entertainment while talking about Shinhwa and g.o.d as rivals on broadcast. Because we are all so close, I was too comfortable and the comment just came out.

But changing my position, I realized that it probably upset not just Shinhwa fans, but also the Shinhwa hyungs. I spoke to Minwoo hyung on the phone just now and officially apologized, and worried about how to say this to Shinhwa Changjo, before deciding to post here. On my thoughtless comments, I sincerely apologize. I read a lot of the comments that were posted and am self-reflecting on them. I hope that you don’t believe that I said those words with honesty. During the times when we were together, Shinhwa and g.o.d were the closest and even the fans cheered on together, and I’m afraid that my one comment will make this relationship grow distant.

I want to apologize again, and I don’t know if these words will go to a lot of Shinhwa Changjos, but I hope that my sincerity will be delivered. Also, fangod, I want to apologize to you too. I was short on not thinking that the comments and actions of one member could affect the entire group. I realized that this recent issue could become a big hurt for Shinhwa, Shinhwa Changjo, g.o.d and fangod. I hope that the issue doesn’t get better.

From now on, I’ll be careful with what I say on broadcast. This has been a time for me think about fans. Thank you, for loving and cherishing me like yourself. Everyone, I don’t really know how SNS works, so I can only leave my words here. Please make sure that this gets delivered to Shinhwa fans.

And to fangods, this recent issue is clearly my mistake and my fault, which is why I am writing these words. Please don’t resent the Shinhwa fans, and think about how it would′ve been if the positions were changed. Please don’t say or write anything that could hurt the Shinhwa fans. I sincerely ask for this.

I sincerely thank and love all the fans on both sides.”

After seeing Kim Tae Woo′s comment, g.o.d member Danny Ahn also tweeted, "Me too~ It′s good to get along with the people that share the same generation, time, and memories. I hope we can continue even in the future."

g.o.d debuted in 1999, after Shinhwa′s debut in 1998.

Photo Credit: Story On, Kim Tae Woo′s Twitter

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