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[Video] Bobby Wins ′SMTM3′ and Promises Not to Become Lazy

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2014.09.05 09:53 Newsen Jeong Jee Won Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

In the middle of winning Mnet′s Show Me the Money 3 on September 4, YG Entertainment′s Team B member Bobby stated that he will not get lazy.

Through his agency, Bobby shared his thoughts on winning, saying, "I feel like I was undeserving of such an award. Despite still lacking so much, I′m so thankful for all the support given to me and now even an award. In the future, I won′t become lazy in improving myself and will become a Bobby that won′t be arrogant, so continue to watch over me and give support."

After Bobby′s win was confirmed, YG Entertainment posted a new poster on its official blog, (www.yg-life.com), with the caption, ‘BOBBY WINS!′, congratulating the rapper.

On this day, Bobby participated in the final round against Iron of the YDG team.

[Video] Bobby Wins ′SMTM3′ and Promises Not to Become Lazy

The final song, Put Your Guard Up Bounce was co-produced by Bobby and Prima Vista with lyrics written by Bobby, who shared, "I don′t understand it when people rap because they can′t sing. This is something I want to tell people who stain the idol rapper title."

On the stage, Bobby criticized talentless idols with the Illionaire style of rapping along with bouncing rhythm, just like the title. With the brilliant performance, Bobby was able to defeat Iron in both the first and second round of voting, confidently taking the final win.

With more than 3000 people applying for the competition, the fact that a trainee who is preparing to debut in an idol group managed to go through the preliminaries, the first and second competitions, and all the way to win the entire competition has been gathering much attention.

Anticipation is on the rise for Bobby′s future as all of his tracks, which were released ahead of the actual broadcast performance, have all hit number one on music charts and were even spotted at the top of real-time search engines.

Meanwhile, with Show Me the Money 3′s acknowledgement of his rap skills, Bobby, along with the rest of Team B and three new trainees, Jung Chan Woo, Jung Jin Hyung, and Yang Hong Seok, will begin a new survival match Mix & Match to debut in YG′s new boy band, iKON. The program will begin on September 11 through Mnet and Naver TV cast.

Bobby, B.I, and Kim Jin Hwan have already become fixed members of the new group, leaving the six other trainees to compete against each other fill in the remaining four spots in iKON. It′s expected that after WIN: Who is Next in 2013, which gave birth to Winner, Mix & Match will also become quite popular.

Meanwhile, Mix & Match will be available to watch again through Naver TV Cast and YG′s official blog. Naver TV Cast will also reveal never-before-seen ′multi-track′ footage, providing fans with something brand new to experience.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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