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[Exclusive Interview] HIGH4 Boys Talks Ideal Girls, Dating and ′Headache′

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2014.09.05 14:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

HIGH4 may have been overshadowed by its more famous collaborators with its previous hit singles, but this time, the boys of HIGH4 are stepping out with zero help from the ladies (not counting the fans, of course).

The boys of HIGH4 met with Mwave for an exclusive interview prior to its MEET&GREET, and talked about their most recent single, Headache, their love for the ladies, and their future goals.

[Exclusive Interview] HIGH4 Boys Talks Ideal Girls, Dating and ′Headache′

The rookie group HIGH4 burst onto the scene with the season-appropriate song, Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms that acted as the theme song for all the solo sufferers in the spring time earlier in 2014. But as the song featured the nation’s beloved singer, IU, much of focus was directed towards IU, rather than HIGH4.

The group then followed up with A Little Close, which also featured the talented female singer Lim Kim - which meant, again, though the song was a hit, there were still questions on whether HIGH4 could carry a song alone.

This time, HIGH4 has returned with Headache, featuring no one but themselves, and finally, the boys are showing that they don’t need a female star to reach the fans.

But did the group feel nervous about stepping out with what’s arguably its first solo single?

“Since we received so much love for the first and second songs, we felt a large burden and were nervous, but we worked hard to fill the space (left by the featured female artists) on stage,” said Myung Han.

“We do have a lot of artists we want to work with, but first, I think we haven’t shown all of our own colors yet so we want to make that our first priority,” said Young Jun. “Then later, if there’s another opportunity, try out more collaborations.”

HIGH4’s single Headache is one for both the guys and girls again, with lyrics that express a man’s nervous heart toward his pretty girlfriend, warning his girl to watch out for all other men, as she makes him so dizzy he gets a headache.

[Exclusive Interview] HIGH4 Boys Talks Ideal Girls, Dating and ′Headache′

So what kind of girls do the boys of HIGH4 like, and what gives them a headache?

“For me, I don’t really like girls who are really obviously pretty, but girls who look like they have a personality. I really like when girls sort of space out, I feel like they look really cute then,” said Myung Han. “And then girls give me a headache when they don’t understand what I’m saying.
Spacing out is cute! But when we can’t communicate well...it’s a headache.”

Surprisingly, leader Sung Gu seemed to be the most innocent of all, dissolving into laughter when asked what kind of girls he likes.

“I like girls who look innocent. And when do I like them…? (Laugh) I just...I just..would like if I had a girl,” said Sung Gu. “And what do girls do that I don’t like? ...Nothing….I just like girls! (Laugh)

On the other hand, the youngest, Young Jun, was clear on what he wanted.

“My ideal type is someone who’s cute but sexy. And I like it when the girl comes to me first, and hugs me, and someone with a lot of aegyo,” said Young Jun. “And when do they make my head hurt? When they contact other guys? But I won’t contact other girls either!"

Alex, who hails from the States, also was clear on what kind of girl would draw his attention.

“I like it when a girl really knows herself and has a really unique personality and is really confident,” said Alex. “But I don’t like when they lie. I hate liars. I hate when they lie.”

In the music video, the boys are seen in various states of distress thanks to their confusingly pretty girls, so what are some of the things girls do that still leave the HIGH4 members confused?

“I don’t understand when a girl has a boyfriend, but she meets other guys. I really don’t get it!” said Young Jun. “If she has a boyfriend, she should just hang out with her boyfriend.”

There’s a lot of times when I don’t understand, but I think I always try to talk it out,” added Alex. “Like, here’s my perspective, what’s your perspective, and work it out like that.”

[Exclusive Interview] HIGH4 Boys Talks Ideal Girls, Dating and ′Headache′

And responding to the response that some of the lyrics might be too demanding of girls, such as asking girls to not wear short skirts, HIGH4 first apologized for any unintended offense.

“But don’t you think it’s possible [to ask of those things] because there’s that much love?” asked Myung Han. “Because if you don’t have that love, then I think you wouldn’t care that much. And if you stray apart, then you might care less, but since it’s your girl, you care a lot more.

“And since there’s a lot of love, you want to protect your girl!” said Young Han, emphasizing the naturally sweet nature that HIGH4 seems to be going for.

And of course, since HIGH4’s past three hits have remained in relatively the same genre, with sweet lyrics and easy melodies, it’s clear the group has carved out a place for itself in the industry.

“We want to bring out comfortable songs that people can listen to easily, so once we fulfill that goal, we can try different songs,” said Myung Han.

“I hope everyone just takes an interest in a style of music because we try a lot of different genres and we hope people can accept that,” said Alex. “We’re not just one kind of group, like a hip-hop group, or R&B, but we just like making good music, so we hope everyone just sees us as an artist, that we just want to have fun and can listen to our music and also have fun.”

HIGH4 will be on Mwave’s MEET&GREET in mid-September - stay tuned for more details!

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