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[Interview] Kim Dong Wook Bares All in ′The King′s Concubine′ (Pt. 2)

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2012.06.03 23:44 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Continued from Part 1 of the interview.

As he started to put himself aside and into King Seong Won′s shoes, King Seong Won and Kim Dong Wook became one. He said suddenly he started to understand King Seong Won. It wasn′t easy to reach that point, but he laughed and said suddenly, in one moment, he started to relate to the role.

"I′ve been in an obsessive love. I was young. Isn′t everyone like that in those times? It was so hard, but I couldn′t bring myself to break up. Now, I know that′s not the right way to express my love. King Seong Won, however, is someone who can′t love properly. He doesn′t even know his methods are wrong. King Seong Won has never been loved, nor has he loved properly. That′s why he doesn′t know how be in a happy relationship. The meek King Seong Won starts to express his love, but Hwa Yeon never notices. This is when they start to sink."

We asked Kim Dong Wook on which scene was the most difficult to shoot. He answered, "It was all hard. No matter what I imagined it to be, the real thing turned out to be even harder than that."

"For every scene I had to tense up and think hard about it. The director said he wanted to ′express hell′ through the film, but the shoots were hell in themselves. I′ve never attended shoots with a light heart. I would be proud of myself once we finished a scene, but I would be burdened again at the thought of shooting another scene tomorrow."

[Interview] Kim Dong Wook Bares All in ′The King′s Concubine′ (Pt. 2)

We were most curious about his bed scenes. Kim Dong Wook showcased a sexy part of himself never shown through his previous pieces.

"Bed scenes are really hard. They′re shoots in which you have to show a lot about yourself in a short time. You have to show yourself physically and you can′t let go of the emotions, either. I did go on a diet, but just before an important scene I was involved in a car crash so I didn′t get to finish the diet. That′s why I have a different body from the beginning in the end. I′m sorry for that. About my sexiness, I do believe I can be sexy. (Laugh)"

Even before the interview, Kim Dong Wook had praised Jo Yeo Jeong while talking about their bed scenes. He had said the shoot was easier thanks to her lead. Even this time, Kim Dong Wook still had high praise for Jo Yeo Jeong.

"Jo Yeo Jeong has great passion and determination toward acting. She never swayed even once during our shoots. She has great conviction and trust. It′s a bed scene that makes everyone sensitive, but she stepped forward and pointed out the parts that could be done better. I was so thankful because the actress played such a role. If I was a moviegoer, I would choose to watch the film just because Jo Yeo Jeong′s in it."

We asked what meaning The King′s Concubine had to Kim Dong Wook. He answered, "It′s a piece that let me start over not only as an actor, but in many different ways."

"I want to meet a piece that goes beyond my imagination," said Kim Dong Wook, before adding, "At the same time I′ll be a healthy actor."

He also didn′t forget to advertise the film, saying, "Please watch it since we worked so hard on it."

The film will premiere on June 6, and will not be made available for teenagers due to its deep eroticism.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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