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[Interview] Kim Dong Wook Bares All in ′The King′s Concubine′ (Pt. 1)

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2012.06.03 23:44 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The public was probably thoroughly surprised that actor Kim Dong Wook chose to appear in such a role. The baby-faced Kim Dong Wook showed off a brand of acting he had never shown before through the role of the lustful King Seong Won in The King′s Concubine.

He not only had to get through bed scenes with his partner Jo Yeo Jeong, who plays his lover Hwa Yeon, but also with the other supporting characters. The bed scenes weren′t easy, but it also wasn′t easy to show how love can so easily turn mad.

Kim Dong Wook, however, succeeded in making King Seong Won his own character. When asked why he took on such a difficult role, he said calmly, "I never thought about whether I should take this role."

[Interview] Kim Dong Wook Bares All in ′The King′s Concubine′ (Pt. 1)

"It was difficult, but it was attractive at the same time," said Kim Dong Wook. "I actually felt that it was a difficult role after I chose the piece and started preparing for it. At first, I just thought I had to do it. Rather than think about whether I should or shouldn′t, I was more worried about how."

Director Kim Dae Seung chose Kim Dong Wook for this strong role. We were curious as to why he chose to pick out the baby-faced Kim Dong Wook for such a role.

"Of course, I probably wasn′t the first choice for the film, but I didn′t want to pass on it when the scenario came to me. I′m just thankful toward the director. It′s amazing that he actually thought of me. The director said that since Kwon Yu (Kim Min Jun) is such a manly role, he wanted [the Seong Won role] to be a different image. He also said he wanted the role to look younger than Hwa Yeon. Actors that are actually younger than Jo Yeo Jeong, those who are in their 20s, probably wouldn′t have been able to relate with the role, so I guess that′s why I got picked."

King Seong Won′s love was at first as pure as love can be. He would shyly hand a hair piece to his sister-in-law Hwa Yeon. Behind the shy Seong Won, however, was the King′s mother (Park Ji Young). Once King Seong Won′s love turned into madness, his love toward Hwa Yeon and his relationship with his mother collapsed fast. We were curious on how much of this character Kim Dong Wook had understood.

[Interview] Kim Dong Wook Bares All in ′The King′s Concubine′ (Pt. 1)

"I actually didn′t understand a lot at first. My [real] mother doesn′t control me that much. (Laugh) I thought a lot about it with the director and talked with him about it endlessly. Strangely, I always got better results when I acted in a role that I couldn′t understand. If I approach a role with the thought that ′I would do it like this if I was him,′ I don′t try to make the audience understand. I can′t think creatively. If I don′t understand the role myself, however, I put my own thoughts aside and try to act in a way that lets others understand my role. I would widen my spectrum of acting by trying out a role with a personality completely different from mine. King Seong Won was such a role."

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