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[Concert Review] 2PM Writes New K-Pop History with Its Six Day Budokan Concert

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2012.06.01 19:01 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

2PM set the Budokan on fire with its passionate songs and strong performances. The six men, armed with their dynamic performances and delightful airs, pitched not only Budokan, but the entire country of Japan into a passionate frenzy.

[Concert Review] 2PM Writes New K-Pop History with Its Six Day Budokan Concert

2PM held concerts for six days in Budokan in its 6 Beautiful Days concert from May 24-25 and 28-31. It brought in 10,000 people for each performance, adding up to a total of 60,000 people for the six concerts and proving the group’s great popularity in Japan.

The white lights that had filled the hall before the concert continued to shine during the entire two hours and 30 minutes the concert took place, and shook with the passionate reactions from the fans.

The fans sang out loud during the string of hit song performances, and shone their romantic lights during the ballads. The members repaid their fans’ passion with equally passionate performances.

[Concert Review] 2PM Writes New K-Pop History with Its Six Day Budokan Concert

2PM thus proved that it was the biggest idol in the country. It danced while singing live, and made its fans laugh by conversing with them in Japanese. Because the members were never fearful of ruining their images, they stepped closer to their fans by laughing, gossiping and putting on weird antics.

The group presented its fans with a mix of Korean and Japanese hits including Tired of Waiting, I Hate You, Hot, Take Off, 10 Out of 10, Hands Up and I Can’t.

The audience not only sang along to the Japanese hits, but also the Korean hits in Korean. Some even danced along to the main moves for each song, expressing their joy. Everyone remained standing the entire time and sent in their support with song and dance alike.

The main point of each concert was actually the different the solo performances put on every day that shone with each member’s color. Starting with Chansung on May 24, Taecyeon performed on May 25, Wooyoung on May 28, Nichkhun on May 29, Junsu on May 30 and lastly, Junho on May 31.

Taecyeon, Junsu and Junho tried to deliver their emotions through songs they had written for the performance. Taecyeon especially received much applause and support for his performance of his first self-written piece, as he met expectations with a passionate performance despite his injured arm.

Chansung chose to perform a musical-like contemporary dance piece, while Nichkhun sang out Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are along with a piano accompaniment. Wooyoung sang Nakashima Mika’s Orion in Japanese, Junsu performed a song he wrote while thinking of his father and Junho left a big impression with his drumming skills and self-written song.

[Concert Review] 2PM Writes New K-Pop History with Its Six Day Budokan Concert

The performance and music video for the Japanese single Beautiful, which will be released on June 6, was then revealed for the first time during the concert. Rose petals fell from the air during the performance and heightened anticipation on 2PM’s upcoming album.

The 2PM in red suits perfectly fit the image of ′beast-dol′. The group′s new chair dance was reminiscent of the group’s dances in its beginnings when it was famous as an ‘acrobatic’ dance group, and the waves, grooves and detailed hand motions were wild and sexy. They were thus reborn as the ‘sexy beast-dols’.

The concerts by the five-year-old group 2PM proved how much it had matured throughout its career, and also opened up new possibilities for the future. The group planted great expectations by conveying its goal that it would color Japan in its style.

A fan who cheered for the group all throughout the concert said, “I came to like 2PM because it had different charms from other Korean idol groups. I was satisfied [with the concert] because the members not only danced and sang, but also acted cute in front of the fans, making them feel like pros and like friends at the same time.”

The concerts also proved 2PM’s ticket power by selling out as soon as sales started. For those fans who weren’t able to attend the Budokan concert, 2PM plans to hold additional concerts at the Yokohama Arena from June 5-6.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment

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