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[Interview] SHINee’s Taemin Talks SHINee Members, Losing Weight and More

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2014.08.31 18:00 Newsen Jeon Ah Ram Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

SHINee’s Taemin confessed the tough times he went through while preparing his solo album.

As the maknae of the group SHINee, Taemin released his first solo mini album Ace on August 18, launching his solo promotional activities.

He recently met with Newsen in the waiting room of KBS’s Music Bank to talk about his solo activities.

About the response of his family, the SHINee members and other people around him about his solo stage, Taemin said, “The members have known me and went through many trials with me since a long time ago so they cheer me on a lot. They congratulate and encourage me and show a lot of interest.”

[Interview] SHINee’s Taemin Talks SHINee Members, Losing Weight and More

About each of the SHINee members, Taemin jokingly said, “Key hyung even bought me a present. It’s because his birthday is coming up…” and added, “Jonghyun hyung cheers me on through his SNS posts and Onew hyung contacted me a lot,” as he expressed his gratitude towards the SHINee members.

After performing his solo stage for the first time, Taemin shed his tears upon meeting the fans afterwards.

About this, Taemin said, “Tears just rushed out of me. I feel a sudden urge to cry every time I think of that moment. I think I was overwhelmed with emotions. I shook hands with the fans and they told me so many good things.”

[Interview] SHINee’s Taemin Talks SHINee Members, Losing Weight and More

Taemin continued, “Each fan told me, ‘you worked hard,’ or ‘you did a great job,’ and when I felt sincerity in them, I was filmed with emotion. I don’t cry easily but I couldn’t help myself at that time.”

As it was his first time promoting as a soloist, Taemin poured his efforts into practicing over and over again, which led him to lose weight unintentionally and reach 57 kilograms.

Taemin said, “As I prepared for my solo album, I got a lot of stress and had to pull off an enormous amount of practice. So I lost weight naturally. I think my basal metabolic rate (BMR) is naturally high so I’ve been trying to eat a lot to gain my weight back,” and showed a can of buttered peanuts in the corner of his waiting room.

Smiling, Taemin added, “I’ve been eating this recently. I was born with thin bones, like a girl. Other people might think I’m too skinny because of that.”

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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