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[Video] Which Boy Band Provides the Best Fan Service?

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2012.05.31 19:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

With the amount of love and support fans give to stars, it’s only necessary for stars to return that love as well.

So which stars give the best fan service?

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News sought to find out.

[Video] Which Boy Band Provides the Best Fan Service?

Could Super Junior, with its 12 members, give the most fan service?

Perhaps because they are always seen shooting hearts and even holding up signs for E.L.F.s. After every concert, all of the members are seen sending not 90, but 120 degree bows to their fans.

Not only do they communicate with their fans through Twitter, but the Super Junior members confess their love for E.L.F.s on programs as well.

[Video] Which Boy Band Provides the Best Fan Service?

The second contestant is Infinite.

The members say they go crazy with just the thought of meeting with fans on stage, singing that being with fans is like Paradise. Sending hearts and bows are given, so they’ve upgraded to giving kisses.

Inspirits better be careful, because Woo Hyun sings if you meet someone else, you’ll die.

[Video] Which Boy Band Provides the Best Fan Service?

Maybe the most flirtatious of all, B2ST makes sure its fans are happy whenever they see them.

Whether it’s giving fans sexy dances or personally taking pictures with the fans′ cameras, the B2ST members do a good job with melting the hearts of B2UTIES, especially Yo Seop, who whispers to fans that they are pretty - prettier than IU.

[Video] Which Boy Band Provides the Best Fan Service?

And lastly, the shiniest of them all, SHINee has its own way of giving fan service, and that is to always make eye contact with them.

The SHINee members point out the fans instead of vice versa and also shoot them with hearts and kisses. If needed, they even make the Super Junior members into photographers to make a fan’s wish come true.

So who does Wide think provides the best fan service?

Super Junior wins this battle, although Yo Seop’s whispers of “You’re pretty” was adorably sweet.

Either way, stars, just remember one thing while you’re on stage. Never, ever, cheat on your fans.

Check out the video below.

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