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[Interview] San E Says Park Jin Young is His Teacher for Life

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2014.08.24 18:00 Newsen Jeon Ah Ram Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

San E expressed his gratitude towards JYP’s Park Jin Young.

Scoring a huge hit with the duet A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness with After School’s Raina in June, San E released his new song Body Language on August 4.

He is also one of the producers on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3, spending busier days than ever.

In a recent interview with Newsen, San E was asked, “Have you been very busy these days?” and answered, “No, not particularly.”

But San E has been keeping himself busier than ever since he made his debut in 2008. Not only have his recent songs become big hits, he has been setting an image as the ‘agreeable rapper’ each time he appeared on variety shows.

[Interview] San E Says Park Jin Young is His Teacher for Life

The time that it took San E to become one of the most spotlighted artists and spread his name was merely one year. It also happened to be that he left JYP Entertainment in April of 2013 and began gaining popularity with the song Story of Someone I know released in August of that year.

When he was jokingly asked, “Do you admit that things worked out better for you after you left JYP?” San E answered, “Yes. But of course, I am where I am today thanks to JYP. JYP was a part of my life during more than half of my twenties so I cannot leave it out when talking about myself. Thank to the times I spent there, I was able to begin and come to stand where I am now."

He also expresses his satisfaction on the new agency, Brand New Music. San E said, “I would’ve been satisfied anywhere as long as I could continue my career in music. But the reason I like my current agency more is because it trusts in what the artist wants to do and encourages it.”

[Interview] San E Says Park Jin Young is His Teacher for Life

Revealing that he could be where he is now thanks to JYP, San E recently watched ‘JYP Nation,’ carrying out his connections with the JYP family.
San E said, “When Park Jin Young sends text messages to JYP artists, he also sends me a copy to read, saying that, ‘San E, you’re also a part of the family.’ He takes care of me in that way. In my mind, my first teacher in music is Drunken Tiger. I started dreaming of becoming a singer because I wanted to be like them. Then I met a great person named Park Jin Young, learning many things over his shoulders. That gave me a lot of influence. The third teacher is the current CEO Rhymer.”

San E also expressed his affection to not only Park Jin Young but the artists at JYP, who went through many ups and downs with him.

He said, “The JYP family is really happy that things worked out well for me. Every single person is really happy for me. I can tell their sincerity by looking at their eyes and the way they talk.”

Photo credit: Brand New Music

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