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Why Did IU Have to Get On the Scale?

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2012.05.30 11:15 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

So the ‘Nation’s little sister’ IU had to reveal her measurements on SBS’ Strong Heart. Just one question: why were people so interested in how much IU weighed?

Why Did IU Have to Get On the Scale?

On the May 29 broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart, IU got on a scale to prove her measurements. The scene made viewers feel as if they were looking on as IU got her physical checkup at school. This was how IU chose to explain her controversial ‘underfed’ body.

It was ultimately revealed that IU weighed 44.9kg (~98.98 lb) at 161.7cm (~5ft 3in).

But was there really a point to making a 20 year old girl decide to get on a measurement scale in front of the public?

The scene was actually fairly saddening. It’s usually rude to ask a woman for her weight, but this time, the rule didn’t seem to apply to IU. She wasn’t the beloved Nation’s little sister at that time; she didn’t even get the least bit of protection she should’ve had as a woman. She had to prove in front of the entire nation that she weighed 44.9kg.

What drove IU to take such drastic measures? She actually didn’t have much of a choice. She said even 44 size (XS) clothes didn’t fit her so she had to wear 33.5 sizes (XXS), and she was said to be thinner than a little child so was thus served the not-so-honored nickname ‘underfed body’ on top of her other Nation’s little sister title.

The new nickname didn’t match the cute IU who whispered ‘I like you, oppa’, but the public just continued to pursue the matter.

This isn’t a problem only IU faces. The public and showbiz often show they are very sensitive to female celebrity weights, male celebrity heights and everyone’s ages.

One time, the public got into a scuffle regarding the ‘Nation’s MC’ Yoo Jae Suk’s height. They were as persistent and scrutinizing as professionals, putting together images of celebrities who said they were 180cm tall for comparison. One female celebrity was bombarded with criticism for putting down the wrong age on her profile.

Stars’ heights, weights and ages may be something of importance to some fans, but if it goes too far, it’s nothing more than an obsession. Celebrities aren’t things people can claim ownership of. The public was treating IU as if she was a toy doll that was supposed to be 30cm tall but actually turned out to be 28cm tall, a view that they absolutely needed to rectify. The public thus made IU a doll, and drove her to mount the scale.

So it was revealed that she was 44kg. Now what? Will this be another of those ‘whatever’ incidents that quickly dies down, or will the public turn around to chew on another? Where will the public be going next?

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