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‘A Gentleman’s Dignity:’ ‘Sex and the City’ Starring Men?

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2012.05.29 21:01 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

SBS aired the first two episodes of the highly-anticipated drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, starring Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk, this past weekend, going up against MBC’s Dr. Jin.

When MBC and SBS were promoting its dramas individually, Dr. Jin had the more interesting plotline: a modern day brain surgeon time warps into the Joseon era and uses his knowledge to save lives.

On the flip side, the description of A Gentleman’s Dignity simply said, “A romantic melodrama about men who go from their 30s into their 40s.”

However, when both dramas aired on May 26, A Gentleman’s Dignity accumulated the higher ratings with its first two episodes, recording 14.1 percent and 12.8 percent, respectively, and beating Dr. Jin in a race that is predicted to be close throughout the season.

Having watched the first two episodes of A Gentleman’s Dignity, it’s easy to see why the drama brought in the higher first-week ratings, even with the generic plot description.

A Gentleman’s Dignity is essentially the Korean version of HBO’s Sex in the City, except it’s centered on four gorgeous, rich men living in Metropolitan Seoul.

‘A Gentleman’s Dignity:’ ‘Sex and the City’ Starring Men?

Thirty minutes into the first episode, we can see the characteristics of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda branded in the male leads: the egoist, the playboy, the straight shooter and the hopeless romantic.

Through the unraveling of these middle-aged men’s stories, female viewers got a chance to see what men are thinking when they start, end or are in a relationship.

Not only that, we are introduced to a new level of bromance, where the closely-knit friends are willing to do everything to protect each other, even lying to a wife when one friend is busily cheating on her.

As Jang Dong Gun says in episode one, they met when they were 18 and have been friends for 22 years. Although they are in their 40s now, whenever they are together, they go back to being 18-year-old boys again, showing the strong friendship they’ve built over the years.

The drama so far has been light and humorous, highlighting each of the characters’ lives and slowly spinning the complicated web as Kim Ha Neul, the female protagonist, enters the picture.

‘A Gentleman’s Dignity:’ ‘Sex and the City’ Starring Men?

Excellent cinematography and direction is also expected in this drama, especially since it is the work of directors Kwon Hyuk Chan and Shin Woo Chul, who have individually and sometimes collaboratively worked on popular productions such as City Hall, On Air, My Girlfriend is Gumiho, Secret Garden and the ‘Lovers Series’ (Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Praha, Lovers).

The work of writer Kim Eun Sook, who has given her viewers the popular quotes from the ‘Lovers Series,’ On Air, City Hall and Secret Garden, is already receiving praise as well.

It may be too early to judge since we’re only two episodes in, but A Gentleman’s Dignity has been absolutely delightful to watch so far with its witty writing, strong production, good acting and, of course, the handsome faces.

No one knows where the ratings battle against Dr. Jin will take this drama, but it is possible that A Gentleman’s Dignity may come out on top if it maintains the momentum of the first two episodes.

Photo Credit: SBS A Gentleman′s Dignity

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