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[Concert Review] Kim Bum Soo Announces the Return of the True Vocalist with Concert

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2012.05.30 01:01 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

He made his audience laugh like he was a comedian, but then soon soothed their hearts with his strong vocals. Kim Bum Soo was talented in so many different ways he made people want to ask who and what he really was.

Everyone calls themselves multi-entertainers these days, but none can really entertain with as wide an array of colors as this man.

[Concert Review] Kim Bum Soo Announces the Return of the True Vocalist with Concert

Kim Bum Soo appeared onstage singing I Miss You (Bogoshipda) , and continued singing this traditional ballad with everything he had. The reason for this was because it was the first time in his career performing at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

Kim Bum Soo held his exclusive concert, the 2012 Kim Bum Soo Concert – Get All Right Showchestra, from May 25-27 and became one with his 10,000 audience over the three days.

Kim Bum Soo was especially touched because the Sejong Center of the Performing Arts rarely opens its doors to pop singers.

On this, he said after his first performance, “I know this sounds unsophisticated, but I was so nervous before coming onstage for the first time in a long time. I sang I Miss You more than a million times, but I think if I had been holding the mic I would’ve been shaking like [Kim] Gun Mo hyungnim (big brother). Everyone, Kim Bum Soo has finally made it into the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.”

The singer had once been forced to be a ‘singer with no face’, making his being able to sing in front of such a large audience ever more meaningful.

He showed off his unrivaled prowess through his hit songs Last Love, Sadness Guide, A Sad Story More Than Sadness and Once Upon a Day, and made everyone jump out of their seats with Twinkle, Good Day, With You and his new single Rock Star.

He then said that he “always wanted to try musicals,” and sang out Memory, The Phantom of the Opera and Esmeralda. He added a cute complaint to make his audience laugh, saying, “My face gets its edge with makeup, but no one has sent me offers [for musicals] yet.”

[Concert Review] Kim Bum Soo Announces the Return of the True Vocalist with Concert

Kim Bum Soo showed off his explosive vocals, of course, but more than anything, the concert highlighted his hidden charms.

He brought his audience up by saying, “I didn’t say a word during the trip to Europe I took for a month and a half. Thanks to that, my voice is at its best condition. I’ll show you the best performance ever,” and then also made them laugh with his comedy. It was the discovery of a new Kim Bum Soo inside the one everyone already knew.

About his days as a ‘singer with no face’, he showed he didn’t care about what he had to go through back then with more jokes and humor.

“It’s already been a year since I was on I Am a Singer. Time goes by so fast,” he said. “I feel the same as I did when I prepared for the competitions back then. What’s different, however, is that I now have a ‘face’ after I had to live 13 years without one, even though I actually had one.”

The concert was even different from Kim Bum Soo’s own previous concerts, because he filled all three hours of his concert with his songs.

Sometimes performances used to be filled in with videos of the singer, but Kim Bum Soo never left the stage for more than five minutes. He also only changed his clothes once; the rest of the stage was filled with his beautiful song. He himself would’ve been exhausted after the concert, but for his fans, it was the best thing that could happen to them.

Kim Bum Soo showed that he’s a true vocalist and an entertainer that can change his form like a chameleon. He opened a new phase of his life as a singer, making his listeners look forward to the music and performances he’ll have to show in the future.

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