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Weekly Roundup: LeeSsang Makes a Big Comeback, Shorry J Enrages SNSD Fans

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2012.05.29 19:04 Mwave Stewart Ho

Last week, JYP’s newest group found stellar success in its debut while the casting of various K-Pop Star contestants into JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment made headlines.

Over the same period, one hip-hop musician’s actions while Taetiseo was delivering its thank you speech on a music program irked some fans, while the premiere of Lee Byung Hun’s Hollywood blockbuster was pushed back a full nine months.

All in this week’s Rise and Fall.

Weekly Roundup: LeeSsang Makes a Big Comeback, Shorry J Enrages SNSD Fans

Stars on the Rise

1. LeeSsang’s Experimental Album Scores Big

LeeSsang took a big risk with its recently released eighth album, Unplugged, which took three years to make, experimenting with new sounds, instruments and music genres.

When the entire album was finally released, the tracks managed to take up the top spots of all the major online music charts, transforming some of the charts entirely into ‘LeeSsang Charts’.

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2. ′K-Pop Star′ Castings Galore

After SBS’s K-Pop Star came to a close with Park Ji Min beating out the competition, all eyes were on the finalists to see which agencies would snatch them up.

The first casting news came from the winner herself who decided to go with JYP Entertainment, and Baek A Yeon and Park Jae Hyung following suit.

While SM Entertainment chose not to sign any of the season’s contestants, YG Entertainment went on a ‘Lee’ casting spree, snatching up Lee Ha Yi, Lee Michelle and Lee Seung Hoon before rounding its selection out with Lee Jung Mi and Lee Seung Joo.

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3. MC Mong Ruled Not Guilty on Military Charges

MC Mong’s alleged military evasion saga came to a dramatic close on May 24 when Korea’s Supreme Court upheld the results from MC Mong’s first and second trials, ruling that he was not guilty of attempting to dodge his military service.

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4. JJ Project Makes a Tremendously Successful Debut

JYP Entertainment’s newest group, JJ Project splashed onto the scene with its debut, hitting 2 million views on YouTube and even cracking the iTunes Dance Chart’s top ten.

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Weekly Roundup: LeeSsang Makes a Big Comeback, Shorry J Enrages SNSD Fans

Stars Falling Flat

1. Shorry J’s Actions Sparks Debate, Incites Fury of Girls′ Generation (SNSD) Fans

Mighty Mouth member Shorry J’s photobombing Taetiseo’s May 25 win on Music Bank was meant to be funny, but brought out the wrath of SNSD fans while igniting debate on whether his actions were playful or excessive.

Shorry J ended up apologizing not once, but twice via Twitter and before Mighty Mouth’s performance the next day on Music Core.

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2. Jay Park’s Songs Deemed Inappropriate by MOGEF, Banned on KBS

While Jay Park’s first solo album drew plenty of compliments for his unique music color and songwriting skills, some of the tracks didn’t fly with Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF), which ruled four of Jay Park’s tracks from New Breed as inappropriate for youth.

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3. Lee Byung Hun’s ‘G.I. Joe 2’ Delayed by Nine Months

Things appeared to be going well for Lee Byung Hun and his Hollywood blockbuster film G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation, raising the anticipation of fans before the movie’s June 29 premiere.

But with just five weeks left to go before opening day, the producers announced that the movie’s premiere would be pushed back nine months to March 29, 2013, reportedly to release it in 3D.

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4. Baek Ji Young’s Comeback Track Upsets Korea’s Men’s Rights Association

Baek Ji Young faced a set back when a men’s rights association in Korea filed an official request seeking a distribution ban on Baek Ji Young’s comeback track Good Boy .

The group criticized the song’s lyrics as belittling to men and claimed the song lyrics likened men to dogs.

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