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[Interview] Park Boram Wants to Become a Singer Like Beyonce

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2014.08.10 18:00 Newsen Jung Ji Won Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Park Boram made her debut with the title song Beautiful, which tells the story of her own.

Having received Lee Seung Chul’s praise four years ago on Mnet’s Superstar K2 for her unique sentiments and rich voice, Park Boram jumped into the K-pop world with her new song about ‘becoming more beautiful by putting in hard work.’

[Interview] Park Boram Wants to Become a Singer Like Beyonce

Beautiful is a medium tempo song written by Rado and features rapping by Block B’s Zico. It has a catchy melody that anyone can easily sing along.

In an interview with Newsen, which took place prior to her debut, Park Boram shared her thoughts on finally making her debut.

[Interview] Park Boram Wants to Become a Singer Like Beyonce

“I’m so excited to make my debut. I don’t usually feel nervous so I don’t feel very pressured. I’m just curious to know what people will say as they see me again after four years. I also gained the experience of performing on stage through Superstar K2. I realized that I need to feel comfortable in order to not make mistakes.”

[Interview] Park Boram Wants to Become a Singer Like Beyonce

“People say a lot of things about how I’ve changed physically. Compared to four years ago, I’m 32 kilograms lighter. One thing that has changed is how people look at me. Before, I lacked in confidence and even wore my grandmother’s clothes because there were no clothes that would fit me. But now I feel confident and came to love myself more. I like that fact that I can wear any kind of clothes now. I’m sure the people who go on diets have the same thoughts. I came to cherish myself more.”

[Interview] Park Boram Wants to Become a Singer Like Beyonce

“It’s still very stressful to not be able to eat what I want to. For two months prior to filming the music video, all I ate was bananas, eggs, and chicken breast. My weight changed from 49 kilograms to 45 kilograms. I didn’t know that I would be this strict on myself. I tend to let things happen naturally but when I thought about making my debut soon, it made me strictly follow my diet.”

“Am I upset that there are articles only on my looks? Not at all. I just felt glad that people didn’t forget about me despite the four years of gap period. I felt more grateful for not being forgotten. I also realized that there are many people who are interested in diets. Plastic surgery? I didn’t get it at all. I didn’t even get any procedures like shots. It was completely due to my diet.”

[Interview] Park Boram Wants to Become a Singer Like Beyonce

“If I can get comments saying, ‘She can do something like this?’ or ‘She can sing a song like this too?’ then I would be completely satisfied. I never want to hear things like ‘She′s not as good at singing after losing her weight’ or ‘What has she been doing for four years?’ Because I practiced hard for the past four years. I wish that people would show their anticipation. I will also work hard so I can show different sides of me and become a singer like Beyonce.”

Photo credit: Newsen

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