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[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

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2014.08.05 12:50 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

The rookie group Legend, which debuted only a month ago, has already been getting a lot of love and support from within the industry.

Legend, a new group from JKSpace Entertainment, debuted in July of 2014 with Left Out, which immediately brought them fans, thanks to its throwback sound and catchy get-stuck-in-your-head melody.

And of course, it helps that the group’s members have a lot of famous friends, as four of the five members were trainees at Cube Entertainment (home to 4minute, BTOB and more).

The Legend members sat with Mwave for an exclusive interview prior to its MEET&GREET on August 13, to talk about each other, their celebrity friends and more.

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

The following is a Q&A with Legend

Mwave: I heard you all practiced together for 4 years before debuting?

Listen: Oh, the rest of the members were together, but I was in the army. The other members were at Cube together.

Jae Hyuk: We were trainees since 2007 and we all met while we were trainees at Cube.

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

Mwave: So you guys must all be pretty close - instead of introducing yourselves, can you introduce the person sitting next to you and share positive and negative points?

Jae Hyuk introducing Lito

Jae Hyuk: WOW! Okay hm, first of all, I’m Ryu Jae Hyuk. So, the person next to me right now is Lito. And I’m most jealous of the fact that Lito has such broad shoulders. His body is so good. I mean, when you think of a man, you think...shoulders..back...right? And I’m kind of skinny, and so when I look at Lito, who has a good body, I get jealous.

And he has a lot of skills, like with our title track,Left Out, he wrote all the lyrics for it. He writes lyrics really well.

And bad points...hmm… well, when he sleeps, he talks in his sleep. He just goes ungungungjun and...

Roi: Sometimes he speaks in Chinese when he sleeps...

Lito: I’ve been studying Chinese for two years now

Jae Hyuk: And a bad thing that could also be a good thing… hmm...he tends to get obsessed with one thing - he won’t stop until he reaches his goal. So, if he’s in the middle of writing lyrics, and you call out, “Min Jun-ah, Min Jun-ah (Lito’s real name), he won’t really respond.

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

Lito introducing Roi

Lito: Ah my turn. Okay, well, first of all...Roi and I are really close! (Laughs) And Roi is really really nice. I met him around 4 years ago and we were living together in the dorms. And he’s Chinese, and there had to be cultural differences, but he always tried really hard to reach my level. So in that aspect, as a hyung trying to match with a dongseng, I thought that was really impressive.

Also, his memory is really good! Once, we were talking about our music video shoot and we were saying, “Hmm, when was it again? Some day in May…” and he remembered the exact date.

So I think when it comes to studying Korean or Japanese, he’s able to memorize really well.
And since he has his own plans set really well, he’s also really good at keeping to his plans really well. So...I guess that could be a good or bad thing.

Mwave: But that’s a good thing! What about a bad thing?

Lito: Hmm...I mean...if you just flip the good...into bad…

Mwave: So he sticks only to his plans?

Lito: Mmm….

Mwave: He remembers all the bad things too and holds grudges?

Lito: Haha...y-es…..

Jae Hyuk: We’re not the ones who said it!

Lito: I don’t think that, but if you want to think that theeeeen….

Mwave: Then were you good at school?

Roi: Yes, I was good at my studies! In middle school, I was at the top of my class. But … I also really liked computer games..so I didn’t end up going to a good college.

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

Roi introducing Listen

Roi: Listen hyung...he takes care of us really well. He really takes care of us well…

Jae Hyuk: And he takes care of us well

Legend (group): Aaand he takes care of us well (laughs)

Jae Hyuk: I’ll help Roi out since he’s struggling a little (with Korean). No matter what the situation, [Listen] hyung always takes it in objectively. And if something difficult arises with us, he always calmly tries to find a solution.

And he’s really obsessed with practicing, so he doesn’t force us to practice, but we see him working so hard so we follow along. And he’s also really detailed and really clean ...so..

Roi: He’s really good at household chores!!!

Listen: (laughs) Because I lived alone for a long time

Jae Hyuk: Yea, he’s really good at household chores… so sometimes, you think, “Is it normal for a guy to be that clean…”

Lito: And he has a lot of know-how on different household chores

Mwave: Do you also cook?

Legend (group): Ah, Chang Sun is the one who cooks

Listen: There were a lot of different episodes that happened while I was living alone...so I think I gained wisdom (with household chores)

Mwave: Which member doesn’t clean the most?

Listen: There’s .. none!

Jae Hyuk: No, so the thing is, [Listen] hyung makes it so you can’t be dirty.

Lito: If there’s one small mess...then he zeroes in on that.

Listen: And also, when we first started to live together, we divided up the chores, so he does dishes, he throws out the trash, etc.

Roi: Also! [Listen]’s body is REALLY nice

Legend (group): Seriously - he has the best body out of all of us.

Lito: He has an 8 pack!

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

Listen introducing Chang Sun

Listen: Okay, so next to me...Chang Sun...he’s our maknae.
And with the youngest, I thought that the maknae would sort of complain when things get tough, but he doesn’t do that at all. He never complains and he has a lot of patience. And just like his outer appearance is mature, he is inside as well. So he’s a really trustworthy dongseng. And! Even though he’s never learned piano, he’s able to play by ear.

And I think musically, he’s really talented.
When we listen to music, he helps out by picking out with notes are off and fixes our pitch. So that’s good…

Jae Hyuk: And he’s good-looking.

Jae Hyuk: Within the team, he has the most sharp and well-defined features. His eyes and nose are big.

Mwave: And no bad traits?

Listen: Um..sometimes he seems more like a hyung than me (older than me)

Jae Hyuk: We’re the ‘91 line (points to Roi) and that’s the ‘94 line (points to Chang Sun and Lito), so they’re younger. But sometimes, we’re the ones who are more cautious.

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

Chang Sun introducing Jae Hyuk

Chang Sun: I’m Chang Sun...Jae Hyuk hyung’s social skills are really great. Even on the music video shoot day, he went up to all the staff first and greeted them really brightly. He has a really bright energy.

Listen: Basically, when you see him, you just feel good.

Chang Sun: Yea, so when you’re with him, you feel good and your mood just goes up.
And there’s a lot of us from Gyeongsang-do, three of us. So we’re sort of blunt but he comes over and jokes around a lot and so our team mood just brightens up.

Listen: If we’re just eating, we won’t say a word. People think that we’re fighting. But if Jae Hyuk comes, it gets bright like a flower has bloomed.

Mwave: And bad things?

Chang Sun: Oh, there’s a few more good things…

Legend (group): Oooooh!

Chang Sun: He’s the tallest in the group. 187cm! And he’s really good at impressions. And um, a bad thing...he has a lot of aegyo so sometimes he comes over and goes “JjangssunJjangssun”

Mwave: And is that annoying?

Chang Sun: No...it’s great…

Lito: Haha, he does it so we don’t have to! So that’s good for us!

[Exclusive Interview] The LEGEND Members Share the Good, Bad and Weird and Talk Celeb Friends

Mwave: How are you guys like when you fight?

Jae Hyuk: We actually haven’t fought even once. There’s no real reason to fight. So if there’s something I did wrong, then a different member will just say, “Hey I think that was wrong.”

Listen: Also, I’m just the type to not really like getting angry. So I try harder to not get angry.

Jae Hyuk: We’re all the type to just say, “Oh I think you did this wrong, oh really, I’m sorry, didn’t know.” So we’re all the type to hash things out with words. Also...if we did really fight, it’d be a big deal because we’re all sort of physically…[strong] (laughs)

Chang Sun: Also, we’re all the type to not keep things inside and talk it out right away, so that’s good too

Lito: [For Roi] in the beginning, because he wasn’t that good at Korean, he didn’t say much, but now he just says everything he wants to say, really naturally

Mwave: Roi, are there any times when you choose the wrong word so misunderstandings arise?

Lito: Well, now we’ve lived together for so long so now we just understand each other...

Jae Hyuk: Now, if we’re doing something like this interview and Roi says something kind of wrong, then I’ll just figure it out on my own and explain it.

Roi: And I’m better at listening than speaking

Mwave: You all have a lot of celebrity friends who supported you, like After School’s Lizzy, BTOB, etc. What’s your relationship with them all?

Jae Hyuk: I knew Lizzy even before my time at Cube. She was a really close friend and dongseng and we ended up meeting and that was before she joined Orange Caramel. And she was really supportive and encouraged me to audition, so we’ve been close since we were young.

Lito: I’m close to BTOB..sunbaenim and A PINK sunbaenim.. and C-Clown’s TK, we were all close since our trainee days. C-Clown’s comeback day was the same as our debut day, so they came to our waiting room first to cheer us on and congratulated us on our debut.

Jae Hyuk: 4minute Nam Ji Hyun or G.Na nuna, they all called us and watched our debut stage and congratulated us and gave us really good advice. There were a lot of people who cheered us on and so we’re just really grateful to them all.

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