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[Interview] is Determined to Succeed after Its Failures

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2012.05.28 14:30 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

So many similar idol groups are making their way into K-Pop, but none of them draws attention like this one. The name is Now don′t be fooled; these numbers aren′t digits from their phone number or their license plate. They translate into Korean, ′chil gu sa i′, similar to ′chin gu sa i′, which means literally ′friend relationship′ or just ′friends′. The group is comprised of four members: Yoo Hang Hoon, Jo Hoon, Im Jong Hyun and Kim Eung Joo. The group recently debuted with its single album I′ll Become Famous.

The title song I′ll Become Famous was written by former T-Max member Joo Chan Yang, who is currently active as a producer under the name YAHO. I′ll Become Famous is a biographical ballad, which sings about how the members will become famous for the person they love. Their debut is different from those of other idol groups because they debuted with a ballad and not a dance song, showcasing the members′ vocal skills before their performance skills. They say, however, that soon they′ll be showing off a different set of charms through dance songs and the like.

[Interview] is Determined to Succeed after Its Failures

Leader Yoo Hang Hoon used to dream of becoming a singer while dancing as a b-boy since he was little. "I dreamt of becoming a singer because I loved being cheered for onstage," he said. His family was against it, but he stood firm. He trained as a trainee when he was in high school, but entered the military in 2006 in an attempt to give up his dream. In the military, however, he met a successor that was a vocal trainer, and cultivated a new passion toward his dream of becoming a singer. His unique name, Hang Hoon, also helped him on, as it was a name that was so unique no one could forget it. He′s a multi-entertainer that also dreams of becoming a radio DJ and a host for a show.

Kim Eung Joo first debuted as a musical actor. In 2011, he even starred as the lead Danny in the musical Grease. As a result, he′s close with musical actors such as Ju Won. He learned vocals in high school, but he′s never learned applied music, and he never really dreamed of working with music. He wanted to be an actor more than he wanted to become a singer. That′s why he decided to major in acting. He′s currently a sophomore in performing arts at Sungkyunkwan University, along with T-ara′s Hyomin. He was nicknamed ′the Cho Seung Woo of Sungkyunkwan University′.

Kim Eung Joo appeared as the son of a resort owner in I Love You..., a drama produced between Korea and Indonesia, before his debut. He said, "I love acting and music. I′ll be an entertainer that covers many bases."

Jo Hoon trained with the dream of becoming a singer ever since he was in high school. He almost gave up as he majored in aviation engineering at the Hanseo Aviation College, but he joined when he realized that he didn′t want to miss the chance. He′s talented in acting, dancing and song. He′s already served in the military as an active officer. "I love the singers Lee Seung Chul, Rain and Im Jae Bum. I want to be a singer like them," he said.

Im Jong Hyun used to love singing ever since he was little, and was active as the member of a band when he was in high school. He was accepted to the Yeoju Institute of Technology as a major in applied music, but he′s currently not attending classes because the school was different from how he thought it would be. He has experience on TV, as he appeared as the member of KBS Qualification of Men′s choir. He debuted in 2010 as the member of a group named J.Rich, but the group soon disbanded. "U-Know Yunho even starred in the music video for J.Rich′s Goodbye, My Love, so it didn′t seem that bad," he said. "In the end, though, our broadcasts didn′t go well, so we disbanded when we didn′t get to promote properly. It′s not that bad, since thanks to that I made it into"

The name sounds familiar, but it does somewhat feel too much like an old pun. We asked what the members thought about the name. "We were taken aback at first, too," they said. "But after hearing it for a while it sounded friendly and we like it. We believe it′s important to let our name be known since we′re rookies."

[Interview] is Determined to Succeed after Its Failures

The members of aren′t as young as other fresh idol debuts, either. All of them are in their mid-20s. Two of them have served in the military. Members Jo Hoon and Yoo Hang Hoon said, "We want to be an idol like older brothers. We worked hard to prepare and we studied hard. We′re all very determined." The members especially added, "We all have painful memories of almost having to give up our dreams. Our passion doesn′t fall behind any other."

About their title song I′ll Become Famous, the members said with a laugh, "We thought the straightforward lyrics and popular melody would fit us well as rookies. We have a lot of painful memories, and we really want to become famous. We related to the lyrics a lot. We want to be bold when we reveal ourselves." isn′t very well-known in Korea yet, but it′s popular in Indonesia, as Kim Eung Joo and the other members all appeared in the Korea-Indonesia drama. Yoo Hang Hoon said, "Our fans in Indonesia made a fanpage for us on Facebook. Then fans from France followed suit. We′re thankful and happy that we′re being loved by overseas fans as soon as we started promoting."

The group has just taken its first step. The group aims to be recognized by the public, and then to be active for a long, long time like Shinhwa. They say that they′re confident in performance, acting, composing and lyricizing. finished, "We′ll work hard without forgetting our original mindsets. We′re determined. Please keep your eyes on us. We′ll become a long-lasting group."

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