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Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

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2011.10.05 09:41 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Rock legend Kim Kyung Ho impressed on MBC’s I Am A Singer while rookie duo Two Months shined on Mnet’s Superstar K3. Actor Kim Rae Won, on the other hand, found himself in some hot water for getting into a fight with a bar waitress and KBS announcer Jun Hyun Moo took some heat for failing to show up to a live recording.

Here’s our list of the stars that sizzled and the celebrities that fizzled this week.

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Kim Kyung Ho
Viewers witnessed the rebirth of rocker Kim Kyung Ho on the October 2 broadcast of MBC’s I Am A Singer as he snagged the top spot on the popular music survival program with his rock rendition of Cho Yong Pil’s I Can’t Find You, Nightingale and subsequently topped online music charts.

2. Two Months

The duo captivated viewers and studio audience members alike with its acoustic cover of Kim Kwang Jin’s Fox on the September 30 broadcast of Mnet’s Superstar K3 and garnered praise from judge Lee Seung Chul. Two Months has been holding on to the number one spot on the show’s popularity poll as well.

3. The Crucible

The film, which is based on a real life incident involving a school principal who physically and sexually abused his disabled students, has moved society to action. Not only has the police decided to reinvestigate the case, the film has prompted legislators to propose the ‘Dogani Law,’ which seeks to create social welfare centers and protect the disadvantaged.

4. JYJ

The former TVXQ members recently released their official Korean album In Heaven, and despite legal issues that limit their broadcast activities, fans continue to cheer them on.

5. Kim Chang Ryul

Singer Kim Chang Ryul proved he’s a family man when he scolded netizens for tweeting malicious comments about his son. Kim tweeted, “Hey you ‘finger fighter’ losers!!! I thought I told you not to leave malicious comments on articles written about my family. You [expletive]!!!” Although some people criticized the singer, saying he went too far, others applauded the singer saying, ‘As usual, Kim Chang Ryul always says what’s on his mind.”

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Kim Rae Won

The actor found himself knee deep in controversy when reports surfaced claiming he had been involved in a fight with a waitress of an upscale bar in Seoul last August. Although a representative from his agency explained that Kim got involved to break up the quarrel between the waitress and an acquaintance of the actor, netizens were staunch in their stance that a public figure should take more caution.

2. Jun Hyun Moo

Jun Hyun Moo failed to show up for the live broadcast of his 5 a.m. 1Radio program 5 o’clock News because he—drum roll please—overslept. The announcer apologized via radio program Ock Ju Hyun’s Song Plaza saying, “My heart is heavy because I’ve damaged the reputation of announcers.” It seems Jun, who previously received a warning from KBS for accepting gifts in exchange for appearances at outside functions, just can’t stay out of trouble.

3. FT Island

The boys of FT Island were recently criticized for their tactless behavior on the set of their new music video. A source from the set revealed that the members were seen hopping onto the cars, treating them like toys and making remarks like ‘How much is this?’ ’50 million won? That’s not that much. Let’s get one.’ Netizens reproached the members saying, “Why didn’t you just buy one for the shoot instead of borrowing one?”

4. Producers of MBC’s 2PM Date

The producers of MBC radio show 2PM Date were at the center of controversy when news broke that Yoon Do Hyun would be stepping down as DJ. Yoon is widely known for his strong opinions on various social issues. A source close to Yoon revealed, “This isn’t a routine move intended to revamp the fall lineup. He stepped down as a result of pressure from the inside to move to another time slot.”

5. Joo Byung Jin

Joo was in line to replace Yoon Do Hyun on MBC’s 2PM Date; however, the producers of the show were taken aback upon learning that Joo had declined the offer. Joo apologized through a source close to him saying, “It’s a shame that an unintended controversy has come of this. I’m sorry to those who unwillingly suffered as a result.” The announcement also saddened many of Joo’s fans, who were looking forward to his comeback.

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