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[Interview] 4Minute Hyuna Speaks Out on Negative Comments, ‘Red Hyuna’ and More

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2014.08.02 16:00 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Sexy singer Hyuna. Is there a need for more explanation?

At the age of 23, Hyuna has already become Korea’s representative sexy icon.

4Minute’s Hyuna came back as a soloist with the mini album A Talk after a year and nine months. The concept, of course, is sexy, and the fans have been wildly excited for the return of the sexy queen.

Hyuna was full of talent and charms like she was on stage. But she was far from being ‘thoughtless’ or ‘shallow,’ like many biases surrounding her.

Hyuna said, “It’s true that I want to be seen in a positive light and be loved by people since I’m a celebrity. But there are people who would not like me no matter what I do. I used to be hurt by that before. But I started thinking differently. There’s nothing I can do except to do my best.”

The overwhelming hardships have made Hyuna stronger and she has strengthened her weapons through the trials. She said, “If I can show more boldly, then I think it’s right for me to do so. I want to show stages that no one other than Hyuna can show.”

[Interview] 4Minute Hyuna Speaks Out on Negative Comments, ‘Red Hyuna’ and More

The following is our Q&A with Hyuna

You’ve returned after one year and nine months. How do you feel?

“I’m nervous. I’m anticipating more because I worked really hard preparing for it. I would like to promote hard just like how I prepared.”

You emphasized that ‘Hyuna is red’ in the album. Is this your way of going straight for the sexy image?

“I would be lying if I say I didn’t intend that. Red is a meaningful color for me. I was wearing red the first time I won the first place and I just feel happy when I see red. The songwriter oppa said, ‘Let’s try using ‘red Hyuna’ in the song,’ and once he did, there was no other word that could replace it. (laughter) I think it suits Hyuna the most.”

Do you feel like you’re sexy yourself?

“I exercised hard while I was preparing the album. During jacket filming after I put the outfits and the make up on, I felt like I was sexy. (laughter) I felt like I was young before but I think I’ve matured a bit.”

How did the level of exposure change from before?

“As people expected to see something bold, I can’t say that there’s little exposure. I think it’s right to show more daringly if I can. So I put a lot of efforts into exercising and styling.”

[Interview] 4Minute Hyuna Speaks Out on Negative Comments, ‘Red Hyuna’ and More

You made a comeback at the same time as Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun.

“I’ve known that it would be like that since a long time ago. Ye Eun unnie said she also listened to my song. We both liked each other’s songs so much. (laughter) I liked Ye Eun unnie’s song because it’s a song that I cannot do. She also told me, ‘I think people will your song if it comes out in the summer. It feels cool.’ I think it’d be fun to promote together.”

You sang with B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop in the song ‘From When And Until When.’ We’re expecting a powerful performance, like when you promoted as Trouble Maker

“I wish we could perform together, but there’s no opportunity. B2ST just wrapped up its promotions. I asked Yo Seop oppa since I wanted his voice for the song. Unfortunately I don’t think we can perform together since he has other performances scheduled already.”

[Interview] 4Minute Hyuna Speaks Out on Negative Comments, ‘Red Hyuna’ and More

There are some negative viewpoints, saying that Hyuna is ‘shallow’ ‘has an aggressive personality’ or is ‘a hardcore party girl’

“I think it’s hard to explain myself on those aspects. It’s just my stance to ask people to see me in a certain way. If fans see me in a certain way then I think I would have to accept that. If what they say is not true, I should show them that it’s wrong through action, not by words. That might be why I decided to appear on a reality program.”

On the other hand, what was the best comment that you ever heard?

“I liked the comment saying that ‘only Hyuna can pull this off.’ I like comments such as ‘she is talented,’ or ‘she is full of confidence’ too but it leaves out the hard work that I poured in. I like it when people recognize the hard word that I put in.”

What do you want to say to the fans through this album?

“I want to become a brand. When people think of Hyuna, I want them to think of the word ‘hot.’ Red is a passionate color. I want to show my passion to the fans.”

What is your goal for your upcoming promotions?

“I would like to show healthy and energetic side of me. I want people to know that there is a cheery and humorous side to Hyuna too. Please acknowledge me I’m good at something. But if I’m not good, please point it out and criticize me too.”

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

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