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[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] ZEST on Dieting, Teamwork and Becoming Like Shinhwa

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2014.07.29 21:01 Mwave Nancy Lee

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[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] ZEST on Dieting, Teamwork and Becoming Like Shinhwa

Mwave: With your debut so close now, how are you feeling?

SHUN: We really only have a few days until our showcase. I started training when I was 19. I trained for really long time. To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real to me, so I wonder ‘Am I really debuting?’ But because I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do, I’m at times nervous and scared. There are a lot of thoughts running through my mind, but overall, I’m looking forward to it.

YEHO: I started acting at 20 and always enjoyed singing and dancing. And that’s how I got started. We rehearsing for our showcase on July 28, and every time I stand on stage, I feel nervous and excited.

SHIN: After doing musicals, being in a band and trying different genres, when I think that I’m going to be on broadcast – even though it’s hard right now, I’m enjoying it – I imagine myself showing my good sides.

DUKSIN: Because my family members and acquaintances are cheering me on, I think it feels more real to me these days. I’m looking forward to it and I’ll do my best!”

CHOIGO: Something that used to seem so vague, I can now search for online, articles come up, clips come up, our songs coming up, our CD coming out, as I watch all of these things happening, in the beginning, I liked it, but it didn’t feel real. But now that there are things I can see, I feel it, like ‘Oh, I’m really debuting.’ On one hand, I’m scared, but on the other hand, I’m confident [laughs].

SHUN: When we were training and dreaming about becoming singers, we looked to our sunbaenims with those dreams. Thinking about the fact that we’re becoming those singers we looked up to, honestly, it doesn’t feel real, but after seeing the track come out and after we see ourselves on stage, I think the fact that we’re debuting will become more real for us.”

[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] ZEST on Dieting, Teamwork and Becoming Like Shinhwa

Mwave: What was the hardest part of training?

SHUN: Dieting was the hardest. I’ve lost some weight now, so it’s okay, but in the beginning, the other members were so skinny, and I apparently have bigger bones than the other members, so I would not eat for two days a week and rehearse. That was one of the hardest things about training.

YEHO: In the beginning, dancing was really hard for me because I’m tall. I have to sit lower for certain moves. It was so hard, I even threw up a few times. At the time, I really like singing and dancing, but I had never trained like that before.

SHIN: When I first started training, I had never danced before, so dancing was really hard. But now, I think my stamina, at least, doesn’t fall behind the other members.

DUKSIN: I’m the shortest in the group, so when I dance, you can’t really see me. Because they hyungs are so big, my movements have to be bigger.

[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] ZEST on Dieting, Teamwork and Becoming Like Shinhwa

CHOIGO: For me, the dance style we’re doing now was so different from music and dance style I like, so trying to change that [was difficult], trying to change what I was used to. I bumped heads and got into a lot of trouble then if I think about it now.

YEHO: I’m from Daegu, so when our manager would let us de-stress, I would have no friends to see, so I would have nowhere to go to de-stress.

CHIWOO: “My school is pretty far, so going back and forth from school was hard.”

[Exclusive Interview Pt. 2] ZEST on Dieting, Teamwork and Becoming Like Shinhwa

Is there an idol group you look up to?

SHUN: When we look at Shinhwa sunbaenim, they’re so cool. They have six members, we have six members. And I think the fact that they have promoted together for that long is cool. And seeing that each member is able to promote in other genres, we want to mature together as a team and be able to do what we want individually. Aren’t they cool? Shinhwa sunbaenim? [Laughs]”

Mwave: What do you think is ZEST’s biggest strength?

SHUN: We haven’t had the opportunity to meet and talk to other idols, but when six people live and practice together – we all came together from different places – there can be trouble, but we resolve those things right away as soon as they come up. I think the fact that we communicate well is our strength.

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