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Ko Young Wook Shared Over 1,000 Texts with Victim

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2012.05.25 14:40 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

On May 23, the court rejected the prosecution’s request for an arrest warrant for Ko Young Wook.

The decision was greatly unexpected, considering how the case was receiving much media attention and how the victim was underage.

Ko Young Wook Shared Over 1,000 Texts with Victim

Many legal officials also expected the request to be granted as Ko Young Wook continued to stay quiet on the issue, only stating his mind near the beginning of the affair in the post he left on his official agency website. The first police briefing also seemed to put him down as the sure offender in a rape case.

After the arrest warrant wasn’t granted, the public started to concentrate on the real relationship between the victim and Ko Young Wook and any evidence or specifics not widely known.

According to information collected by enews, evidence that Ko Young Wook and the victim had kept in touch through more than 1,000 text messages after their first sexual encounter was turned in to the court. These text messages contain conversations that weaken assertions that the sex was forced or that it was illicit sex by deception.

It was also revealed that a man, currently serving in the military, revealed himself to be the victim’s ex-boyfriend and suddenly called Ko Young Wook to ask whether they were really going out with each other and to stop them.

The call came after Ko Young Wook and the victim had their second sexual encounter and before the police investigation started. The victim had told Ko Young Wook not to worry about it and that she would take care of it.

Ko Young Wook Shared Over 1,000 Texts with Victim

The existence of the ex-boyfriend, which hadn’t been revealed in the briefing, and their phone conversations implied that the relationship was more amorous than forced. Such testimonies and evidence probably moved the prosecution and court to reject the requests for an arrest warrant.

Outside of the legal battle, Ko Young Wook probably won’t be able to avoid criticism on moral and ethical grounds that he had sex with a minor. Officials, however, agreed that people should not conclude that Ko Young Wook is guilty of a crime even before the results are out just because he’s a celebrity.

Ko Young Wook is under investigation for raping the 18 year old victim at his studio apartment, and for again having illicit sex with her afterward.

Two additional victims have filed lawsuits against the TV personality on similar charges, getting him involved in three different cases. Ko Young Wook answered two police summons at the Seoul Yongsan Police Agency on May 7 and 15.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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