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[Interview] Jin Se Yeon Talks About Her Kiss Scene with Lee Jong Suk in ‘Doctor Stranger’

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2014.07.27 21:00 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Jin Se Yeon revealed her thoughts on having acted out a ‘first love’ with Lee Jong Suk.

Jin Se Yeon recently starred in SBS’s Doctor Stranger as Lee Jong Suk’s first love ‘Song Jae Hee,’ depicting love more precious than life.

Having finished filming, Jin Se Yeon said, “I feel like it’s really over now. I feel more sad and regretful than ever before. I feel like it just passed like really quickly.”

About having acted out love that is more precious than her life, Jin Se Yeon said, “I have never seen love like that nor have I felt it before. But I think it helped me to understand the feeling of love. I feel like it deepened my understanding of love compared to when I acted in My Daughter the Flower.”

[Interview] Jin Se Yeon Talks About Her Kiss Scene with Lee Jong Suk in ‘Doctor Stranger’

She had to have a good teamwork with Lee Jong Suk, who acted opposite her in the drama.

Jin Se Yeon said, “Lee Jong Suk oppa tried to go along with my level so I felt like he was the same age as me. He might’ve done that on purpose. We had to act like a couple madly in love when we filmed in Hungary so I tried to put a lot of efforts into the scenes.”

When commented that their kiss scene was really deep, Jin Se Yeon commented, “I was surprised too,” and laughed.

About the kiss scene she said, “I experienced something amazing then. The camera spun while we kissed but we were on top of a round plate, spinning in the opposite direction. The staff members spun us around. When the director said, ‘Bring the round plate,’ I thought he was joking, but it was really fun.”

[Interview] Jin Se Yeon Talks About Her Kiss Scene with Lee Jong Suk in ‘Doctor Stranger’

The actress concluded, “Many people told me that I match ‘Song Jae Hee’ more than ‘Han Seung Hee.’ I was concerned because I had to show ‘Han Seung Hee’ as the most charming character. I personally felt more comfortable acting as ‘Song Jae Hee,’ but felt more attracted to ‘Han Seung Hee.’ The character moved around more actively than any of my previous characters. I think will have ‘Han Seung Hee’ in my heart for a while.”

Photo credit: Newsen, SBS

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