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No Fashion and No King in the Ending of ‘Fashion King’

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2012.05.23 18:14 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

It was a meager Fashion King clothed by the team behind Something Happened in Bali.

The drama said boldly it would be about ‘The challenge and success of youth running towards tomorrow and the world’, but it turned out it had made the young actors who had made it to the top of their game run toward a confusing finish line.

The confusing ending of SBS’ Fashion King is drawing strong backlash from its viewers.

As soon as the last episode of Fashion King aired on May 22, the drama’s official webpage and forums turned into collections of complaints.

No Fashion and No King in the Ending of ‘Fashion King’

Thus Fashion King had to leave the scene alone after failing to relate to its viewers.

In the last episode, Gang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In), who had been at the brink of success, met his death by a mysterious gunman after failing to hear Lee Ka Young (Shin Se Kyung) prove her love.

Fashion King swayed from its lack of direction even up until its end. The main characters were still lost when the drama should’ve been stepping up its pace, and the long, drawn out two minute scenes made viewers feel like they were watching a music video for the drama’s OST.

The few viewers who still held onto the drama despite its lackluster performance expected a satisfying conclusion, but they couldn’t hide their confusion at what they got in the end.

Fashion King gave off a Something Happened in Bali-feel ever since its beginnings, as it was put together by the screenwriter Kim Ki Ho and chief producer Choi Mun Suk of Something Happened in Bali. Viewers had been expecting a Bali-type ending ever since the drama started losing its direction near the end of the drama, and their concerns turned out to be true.

The last ending was especially reminiscent of the ending of Something Happened in Bali. Young Gul, who had been waiting for Ka Young in New York, saw Ka Young get in Jae Hyuk’s car with a happy expression on her face, and soon resorted to drink to forget his shock and sorrows.

He put on his most fancy clothes and held his most expensive drink in his hand, and confessed his love to Ka Young with the nightscape of New York spread before his eyes. He was then shot down by a gunman.

Only after the pool turned red with his blood did Ka Young answer, “I miss you too.”

Fashion King was a drama that had much to show; it didn’t need to follow in Bali’s footsteps. The actors Yoo Ah In, Lee Je Hoon and Shin Se Kyung had been on the rise from the success of their previous pieces, and Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Yuri’s drama debut also drew much anticipation.

Viewers especially looked forward to seeing Yoo Ah In, who is known to be one of the biggest fashionistas in showbiz, swim like a fish in water through this drama about fashion.

Against their expectations, however, the lost drama only handed Yoo Ah In a façade, making his ending scene with his fancy fur coat the only scene in which he could be said to have been fashionable.

The drama’s official webpage and forums were crowded with viewers who needed an outlet to pour out their shock.

The sites were flooded with reactions that read, ‘Something Happened to a Fashion King in Bali’, ‘I recommend this as the worst drama ever for the SBS Drama Awards’, ‘This drama didn’t need such great actors’, ‘It’s not Fashion King; it’s Confusion King’ and ‘I was out of my mind the entire time I watched this drama, and the last episode was just pure horror.’

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