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[Interview] Lady Jane Talks Dating Style, Past Relationship and More

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2014.07.06 15:44 Newsen Jeon Ah Ram Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

She has finally gotten rid of the title of being ‘someone’s girlfriend′ and has truly made a name for herself as an entertainer and singer Lady Jane.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Lady Jane spilled on her dating style and on having gone public with her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Simon D.

About her dating style, Lady Jane said, “I didn’t have many boyfriends. I’m the type to date someone for a long time. I date one person for at least a year or two.”

When asked if she has a lot of aegyo when she is dating, Lady Jane said, “I’m like a man when I’m dating. I don’t like being tied down by the other person and get lazy about contacting frequently. Even when I’m dating I prefer being independent and just being a positive influence to each other but sometimes they get disappointed that I don’t get obsessed over them.”

When the topic of dating came up, one person came into mind. Because she dated for about four and a half years, Lady Jane talks about her ex-boyfriend on variety shows without much hesitance.

Most of the times, she is forced to talk about him by the others but there were times when she was a bit concerned about talking so freely about her ex-boyfriend.

[Interview] Lady Jane Talks Dating Style, Past Relationship and More

“When I go on broadcasts, they always ask me questions related to him. I was sad but there’s nothing I can do since that’s what people are interested in. If I were to think the other way around, he probably also receives questions about me wherever he goes. I decided to enjoy it if I can’t avoid it. People don’t like it when you hide things or lie. They liked it more when I honestly talked about it. That made me let go of the pressure. I think it’s better to answer the questions with lightheartedness, if I have to answer them anyways.”

Although she talked so coolly about the issue, she confessed that she struggled because of the negative comments.

Lady Jane said, “When I read the negative comments, I felt sad. I didn’t reveal myself as someone’s girlfriend but was just found out by other people, so I couldn’t understand why people pointed their fingers at me. But I began to feel better after trying to understand them, since it’s true that I was his girlfriend.”

Having struggled by going public with her relationship, Lady Jane is now single. She is currently on numerous variety shows and she will also be releasing a new album in September.

Photo credit: Newsen

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