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Why Kang Ho Dong’s Appearance Feels Welcome, Yet Sad

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2012.05.21 21:03 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kang Ho Dong appeared again in front of the press for the first time in 42 days. He attended comedian Jung Joon Ha′s wedding ceremony, held on May 20 in Seoul.

Why Kang Ho Dong’s Appearance Feels Welcome, Yet Sad

It was his first outing in 42 days since his appearance at All Lies Band member Woo Seung Min’s wedding on April 8. His appearance at Woo Seung Min’s wedding marked his first official appearance in seven months since his tentative retirement.

At Jung Joon Ha’s wedding, Kang Ho Dong sported an awkward smile, bowed down in a deep bow and said toward Jung Joon Ha, “Congratulations, I hope you have a lot of babies and put together a happy family.”

He didn’t seem to be the strong ‘Nation’s MC’ he used to be, as he showed signs of awkwardness at standing in front of the cameras. His deep bow especially drew some form of sympathy from everyone watching.

Kang Ho Dong had stood in front of the cameras before for Woo Seung Min’s wedding, but at the time also he had showed he was nervous with his sweaty palms. It let everyone know how much pressure he had been feeling since his tentative retirement.

After his tax evasion scandal first hit the papers last year, he announced on September 9, “I looked back on myself thinking that perhaps I had lost my original intentions with the excuse that I had been too busy. I plan to retire temporarily from show business.” He then left all of his programs on all three main channels.

Why Kang Ho Dong’s Appearance Feels Welcome, Yet Sad

It was a sudden and surprising choice to make. Fortunately, the tax evasion suspicions that had driven him to his retirement had been revealed by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office in December 2011 to be from an error on the agency accountant’s part.

Because it wasn’t a purposeful evasion, Kang Ho Dong was able to set down some of the load put on his shoulders, but he didn’t seem ready to return to center stage yet.

Even now, main channels are trying to get Kang Ho Dong back on track with secret plans for a program featuring him as the main MC. They’re also trying to contact him under cover to persuade him to come back.

Although he himself may not think it’s time, officials and the public are waiting for his comeback. They don’t wish to see him as a guest at another celebrity’s wedding, but as the Nation’s MC they know him to be, ruling over the audience and commanding waves of laughter.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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