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Park Ye Jin Opens Up about Kim Ki Bum and Yang Jinu for ‘I ♥ Lee Taly’

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2012.05.21 20:47 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Park Ye Jin had everyone laughing at her witty comments at the press conference for her upcoming drama, tvN’s I ♥ Lee Taly, held on May 21 at an M-Pub in Seoul. She made the press happy by opening up honestly on what happened behind the scenes, and at the same time tried to be spokesperson for Kim Ki Bum, Yang Jinu and JuBi.

Park Ye Jin Opens Up about Kim Ki Bum and Yang Jinu for ‘I ♥ Lee Taly’

When asked whether she felt her age difference with her partner Kim Ki Bum, Park Ye Jin joked, “He’s like an old man so I couldn’t really tell the difference.”

She then opened up on Kim Ki Bum’s drinking habits, manners and happenings on set. About Yang Jinu, she revealed that “he’s a very pure and beautiful young man.”

To a question asking whether he was similar to his bad guy role in the drama, Yang Jinu answered, “I don’t believe I’m really dumb and I think that I’m a serious person, but [Park] Ye Jin and the others laugh at the way I talk.”

Park Ye Jin explained, “He makes weird jokes on set, but I think that’s one of his charms.”

Park Ye Jin couldn’t hide that she was all for the actor. She praised Yang Jinu that he’s “really a beautiful young man” when he answered that he wanted to “receive knowledge like that of Solomon” to a question asking what he would wish for if, like the drama, he could’ve wished for anything when he was 14 years old.

When asked which actor makes the most mistakes, Park Ye Jin said, “It’s JuBi’s first time acting so she makes a few mistakes, but none make any seriously big no good cuts.”

Her honesty didn’t stop flowing when she started talking about herself. “I’m a rich heiress in the drama, but in real life I just wear the clothes my stylist brings me. I don’t normally like wearing fancy clothes so whenever the shoots end, I have to go straight home because I came in clothes I can’t wear anywhere else.”

I ♥ Lee Taly is about how the 14 year old Geum Eun Dong (Kim Ki Bum) becomes a 25 year old perfect man overnight, and gets into a 100 day long serious relationship with the rich heiress Lee Taly (Park Ye Jin). The drama will air its first episode on May 28.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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