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2NE1 Wraps Up Japan Tour

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2011.10.03 12:51 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

2NE1 wrapped up a successful Japan tour with over 70,000 fans, an impressive feat for a group that only debuted a month earlier.

2NE1 held its final concert for its Japan tour, 2NE1 1st Japan Tour NOLZA in Japan, on October 2 at Makuhari Messe. The concert marked the one month anniversary of the group’s debut, as the girls first began promoting in Japan on September 2, on Asahi TV’s Music Station.


2NE1 Wraps Up Japan Tour

2NE1 Wraps Up Japan Tour

The group initially surprised local officials by attempting an Arena Tour, which is held by only the most prestigious singers, as the concert halls in Arena Tours hold over 10,000 per performance. But the group came out victorious by having more than 300,000 people apply for its concerts, and even had to add an additional concert to the five already planned, in order to accommodate the many fans who wanted more.

The tour, which began on September 19 and 20 in the Yokohama Arena, continued through two more cities, with four more concerts in the Kobe World Memorial Hall (Sept 24-25) and Chiba’s Makuhair Messe (Oct 1-2).

英雄在中、瑜鹵允浩與最強昌 均透過SM公司的青少年選拔大賽加入東方神起,而細亞俊秀則是在SBS的音樂節目中用優秀的唱功征服評委,其後獲得2001年美洲歌謠祭大賞的海歸派的秘奇有天也加入了東方神起。他們用精湛的舞姿與卓越的唱功打破了人們對于流行歌手的一貫偏見,擅長合聲的他們更是各個都可以擔當主唱,實力超群。他們於2004年發行第一張單曲《HUG》瞬速在樂壇走紅,之後的《The Way U are》等單曲也同樣獲得佳績。他們不但在韓國受歡迎,精通日語的五個大男孩於2006年在日本出道。韓國、泰國、台灣、馬來西亞、印尼、新加坡與中國等七個地區的巡回演出更是讓他們人氣沖天。他們先後在韓國與日本發行了四張專輯與數張單曲,囊括眾多獎項後,處于巔峰時期的東方神起在2009年8月2日迎來了一個轉折點。

2NE1 Wraps Up Japan Tour

2NE1 Wraps Up Japan Tour

The group’s debut album, Nolza, released in the midst of its Japan tour, rose to the top spot of the Oricon Daily Album Chart on the day of its release, and also nailed no. 1 on the Weekly Chart for that week, becoming the first Korean team to top the Oricon Weekly Album Chart with its Japan debut album.

2NE1’s success is all the more remarkable if you consider the fact that the group has just taken its first step in Japan.

2NE1’s strong individuality, which brought the group’s fans at the concert to describe 2NE1 as “a girl group not found not only in Japan, but anywhere [in the world],” may prove to be a strength which will continue to help put the group in a strong position in Japan.

2NE1 will release a new Japanese single on November 16.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

組合成員金在中、檔有天與金俊秀對SM娛樂公司提出終止合約的訴訟請求,將舊公司告上法庭。此案至今未能得到圓滿解決。而三位成員從2010年6月起以JYJ的名字開始活動,仍然留在SM公司的兩位成員鄭允浩和沈昌珉則依然以東方神起的名義,在2011年1月5題發表了新專輯《Keep your head down》回歸,開始以兩人組活動。

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