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[Poll] Which Idol Looks the Best with a Mustache?

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2014.07.01 18:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

It’s a topic that has divided men and women for ages.

That’s right, we’re talking mustaches.

Whether you like them or not, mustaches have infiltrated the idol world, so we thought, might as well ask our readers to determine who pulls it off the best. It’s a short list (and we hope it stays that way), but read on be sure to vote!

[Poll] Which Idol Looks the Best with a Mustache?


When you think mustache, MBLAQ’s G.O is probably one of the first idols that come to mind.

G.O is one of the idols who has consistently maintained a well-groomed ‘stache since his debut days, a point that has helped him stand out among the baby-faced flower boy crowd.

G.O stands against some tough competition, but in terms of mustache years, he’s ahead of the game.

[Poll] Which Idol Looks the Best with a Mustache?

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi discovered the world of facial hair more recently, as indicated by his recent SNS updates.

Lee Hong Gi is known for going against the grain, and if there’s anyone that can wear an unconventional look with confidence, it’s the FT Island member.

Let us know if Lee Hong Gi’s scruffed up look is a no or a go by voting!

[Poll] Which Idol Looks the Best with a Mustache?

Big Bang’s Taeyang

Big Bang’s Taeyang is known for his wild hairstyles, from cornrows to faux hawks, so it comes as no surprise that he is adventurous with his facial hair as well.

If you think Taeyang’s peach fuzz is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the sexy idol, vote for him now!

[Poll] Which Idol Looks the Best with a Mustache?

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

We can barely keep up with Super Junior member Kim Heechul’s multiple personalities, and if anyone can go drag one day and rugged the next without anyone batting an eye, it’s Kim Heechul.

We’re impressed by Kim Heechul’s ability to pull off such drastic looks, but if your preference is for the rough and rugged Kim Heechul, vote for him now.

[Poll] Which Idol Looks the Best with a Mustache?

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

Kim Heechul appears to have rubbed off on his members as Choi Siwon is the latest Super Junior member to rock the ‘stache.

We’re still on the fence about Choi Siwon’s scruffy look, but, let’s be real, he’s Choi Siwon, which means he can do no wrong.

If you’re the type of person that won’t let a beard stand in the way of your love, vote for Choi Siwon.

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