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[Interview] Kang Ji Hwan Spills His Plan to Build a House for Future Family

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2014.07.05 18:00 Newsen Jung Jin Young Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

“I’m going to be looking around for land starting next week.”

Recently acting as ‘Kim Ji Hyuk’ in KBS 2TV’s Big Man, Kang Ji Hwan received many positive comments on acting out as a rebel who becomes a true leader in the end.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Kang Ji Hwan said, “I’m going to be looking around for land to purchase starting next week.”

[Interview] Kang Ji Hwan Spills His Plan to Build a House for Future Family

The actor further explained himself by saying that it is a part of his preparation for marriage. He revealed that his goal is to design and build his own house for his future family.

When asked, “What about marriage?” he answered, “I want to build a house first. It is my goal to get everything ready and be able to say, ‘come and live with me.’”

Kang Ji Hwan then said, “I’ll invite you when the construction is done,” and smiled.

The actor started, “I wanted to be a young dad,” revealing that when he was young, his goal was to get married by the age of 35. He said, “But marriage is not something that happens according to your plans. I think I have to give up on being a young dad. But I want to be a handsome, rich dad instead.”

Although he is past the age he expected to get married, Kang Ji Hwan was making a progress in other plans. His plan is to build a beautiful house with a swimming pool in the basement and a trailer bar in the front yard. Kang Ji Hwan jokingly said, “I have to work hard in projects, in order to make the swimming pool deeper.”

[Interview] Kang Ji Hwan Spills His Plan to Build a House for Future Family

Then what kind of person does he want as his wife?

Without being coy, Kang Ji Hwan confessed, “Someone who is pretty. I also can’t cook or clean very well. So I hope she′s someone who can cook. I also want her to be a bright person who can drink and play well.”

Being old friends with actress Eom Ji Won, Kang Ji Hwan began to have many thoughts about marriage recently.

He said, “I’ve always thought that a honeymoon is going somewhere for five days. But after looking at Ji Won’s pictures on her SNS, I thought that it might be nice to take a month off to travel for my honeymoon.”

To Kang Ji Hwan who wants to focus more on work than on dating, marriage may not happen any time soon.

But as he said, “I want to welcome my person after I prepare a comfortable and peaceful environment. I want to pour everything when I make a family. I want to treat them very well and only give beautiful things,” one can’t help but to wonder about the next stage of life for Kang Ji Hwan.

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