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[Exclusive Interview Pt.III] MAMAMOO Spills on CN BLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun, Ideal Types and Ambiguous Men

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2014.06.30 17:20 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

The following is an exclusive 3-part Q&A with MAMAMOO - Read Part II here

Mwave: CN BLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun ended up playing the role of ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ for your video - were you happy about that?

Moon Byul: We were really surprised! When we heard that the Mr. Ambiguous main role was CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun sunbaenim, we just were like (gasp) wow..how did CN Blue sunbaenim end up helping us? But when we actually met him, we were really surprised. He’s really tall and he’s so good-looking, but he had such good manners

Whee In: Yea, in the beginning, it didn’t really match in my head, to be honest. But after meeting him in real life, and seeing him at the music video shoot, I felt that he fit that atmosphere (of Mr. Ambiguous) really well. And he even played guitar on set and he was so good!

Solar: Yea, he just started playing! Right on the spot!

Whee In: Yea, right on the spot - so I was really impressed.

Wha Sa: His first impression is kind of cold right? But then he’s not like that at all! He was saying how he wanted to take off his makeup right away, and asking when he could take it off (laugh)

And he was just messing around and he just laughed a lot

Initially, we were a little burdened and nervous - since it was our music video shoot, and because of the concept, we were the ones who had to lead but since we’re rookies, we were a little nervous, but they all followed us so well that we were so grateful.

[Exclusive Interview Pt.III] MAMAMOO Spills on CN BLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun, Ideal Types and Ambiguous Men

Mwave: So what do you think about ambiguous men in general?

Moon Byul: Honestly? I think they’re whatever

Mwave: Any first-hand experiences?

Moon Byul: No experiences...but honestly… to be all ambiguous and not be certain… (laugh) it’s so… I mean, if you like me, just like me!!!!

(Group Laughter)

Moon Byul: Yea, so I really don’t like it. I wish the guy was just honest and clear!

Solar: Me...too… I really, completely, totally don’t like it! I actually had someone like that a long time ago, but since he was being ambiguous, it wasn’t this or that...I think someone who’s honest about his feelings is best.

Whee In: I think being ambiguous is bad… just be clear

Wha Sa: I mean...what girl would like it?

Mwave: But some girls like mil-dang (playing games, push&pull) games,

Wha Sa: We all just don’t like mil-dang. We just want them to be honest.

Mwave: So you all are the type to be straightforward with guys?

Moon Byul: But then on the flipside… we like to do mil-dang

(Group Laughter)

Moon Byul: He can’t do it, but I can! That’s the way girls think!

[Exclusive Interview Pt.III] MAMAMOO Spills on CN BLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun, Ideal Types and Ambiguous Men

Mwave: Okay, okay - so if a guy were to pursue you, how would you want him to do it?
Moon Byul: I really like when a guy is bold. In sort of an extreme way, I prefer if the guy focuses all his attention on me. In a extreme way! Just a guy who doesn’t look at anyone else but me...but I mean, I’m the same way. If I end up liking someone, then I’m the type to go all-in. So I would want the other person to be the same way.

Solar: Me too! I really like a guy who actively pursues.

Wha Sa: For me… I prefer if he really loves me, but on the outside, he shows it somewhat seriously? So...hm… gentle, but also gentlemanly?

Whee In: For me, rather than being super bold, I think, just when he does express it, I’d want him to be clear. So I’d want him to know how to hide it sometimes too

[Exclusive Interview Pt.III] MAMAMOO Spills on CN BLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun, Ideal Types and Ambiguous Men

Mwave: And what about ideal types?

Moon Byul: I really like Gong Yoo sunbaenim. I sort of like dinosaur face-types and guys with broad shoulders, guys who can just grab and hug me in one go.

Solar: I like Simon D sunbaenim. I like hip-hop and when he raps, he’s so impressive and cool...so I feel like we could do something good together...music wise!

Whee In: I like Beenzino sunbaenim...but I mean he’s basically the ideal type for all girls in their 20s… so I didn’t want to say it, because it kind of hurts my pride! But yea, he’s my ideal type..

Wha Sa: I like guys who are fatherly, so...Ryu Seung Ryong sunbaenim or if we’re talking about foreign celebrities, George Clooney…

Mwave: Any last words for your international fans?

Moon Byul: We didn’t even realize that there would be fans overseas! We’ve just debuted! So we’re still surprised that we even have fans, whether they’re in Korea, or overseas..
So we really want to meet them! We want to get closer, just apart from celebrity, just comfortable, whether it’s with music or not, so please just think of us comfortably and please send us love!

Photo credit: Chun Ki Hwan, WA Entertainment

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