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[Interview] Kang Ji Hwan Expresses His Special ‘Hubae Love’ for Choi Daniel

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2014.07.05 10:00 Newsen Jung Jin Young Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Kang Ji Hwan thanked a junior actor for the first time in his ten-year acting career.

Meeting with Newsen for an interview in a café in Shinsa-dong, Kang Ji Hwan praised actor Choi Daniel, commenting, “He is a really endearing hubae.”

Kang Ji Hwan said, “When Big Man was about to end, I went to Choi Daniel and said, ‘Thank you for doing so well.’ It’s been over ten years since I started acting and that was the first time that I ever thanked a junior actor.”

[Interview] Kang Ji Hwan Expresses His Special ‘Hubae Love’ for Choi Daniel

What Kang Ji Hwan regarded highly of Choi Daniel was his consistent tone in acting from the beginning to the end. He explained, “It’s easier to act out a character who does not go through a huge change in personality. But it could also be boring. Choi Daniel maintained the tone of his emotions and acting until the end. He is 30 years old but I think he portrayed his character really well for his age.”

He continued, “Character Kang Dong Suk (Choi Daniel) is not a psychopath but he is just as strange, dislikable but pitiful at the same time. I liked how Daniel expressed the emotions and details of the character. He did it so it’s realistic and not overly done.”

Feeling shy for his continual praise for his junior actor, Kang Ji Hwan then jokingly said, “I would’ve done better if I acted out Kang Dong Suk.”

But meaning what he said about Choi Daniel, he added, “I’m not in the position to say this to anybody. But after I finished Big Man, watching Choi Daniel act, I realized what it feels like to have a endearing hubae.”

[Interview] Kang Ji Hwan Expresses His Special ‘Hubae Love’ for Choi Daniel

Despite facing numerous competing dramas, such as JTBC’s Secret Love Affair, MBC’sTriangle and SBS’s Doctor Stranger, Big Man continued to raise its viewership rating, ending successfully by ranking number one out of all the dramas airing at the same time.

Kang Ji Hwan said, “I think everyone acted hard. Each one analyzed their character well and played out their parts, which is why the project was so successful.”

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