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[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Will Not Leave ‘Running Man’ Just to Focus on Other Projects

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2014.06.28 17:00 Newsen Ha Soo Jung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Having earned the image of being a ‘variety man’ ever since joining Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo expressed his love for the show stating, “I know what people around me are concerned about but Running Man is like family to me.”

Making appearance on variety shows, dramas and movies, Lee Kwang Soo’s new movie Good Friends will be premiering on July 10.

He acted as ‘Min Soo,’ who bets everything in his life for his friend. It is hard to find any trace of his variety image as ‘giraffe Kwang Soo’ in the movie.

Meeting with Newsen for in interview on June 27, Lee Kwang Soo said, “I already watched the movie twice but I’m still not sure. I can only see what I lack in and things I’m regretful about. I didn’t have the room to think about how the overall project came out. We had a good atmosphere at the filming site for Good Friends and I had good teamwork with the other actors. We filmed in Busan, where we made lots of good memories. Now I’m curious to see how the audience will react to the movie.”

[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Will Not Leave ‘Running Man’ Just to Focus on Other Projects

Captivated as soon as he read the scenario, Lee Kwang Soo wanted to act out the character of ‘Min Soo,’ personally making a request to take on the role. He analyzed the character by reading the scenario hundreds of times, careful not to miss any scenes. He filmed the difficult emotional scenes after many discussions with the director.

Having acted in numerous projects, Lee Kwang Soo is considered a talented actor. But ever since joining SBS’s Running Man, his acting ability has often been underestimated, due to his image on the variety show.

Lee Kwang Soo said, “Running Man is like my family now. Many people tell me my strengths and what they are worried about. I know what they are trying to say but I cannot leave my family just because I’m not happy with something. Running Man is like a part of my body now. I’m always grateful when I film it. I will not be leaving the show just to focus on my other projects.”

[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Will Not Leave ‘Running Man’ Just to Focus on Other Projects

Having a quiet and thoughtful character, unlike his bright image shown on Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo said, “Some people think that I’m fake. But I don’t really mind because people around me know what kind of person I am. Some people think positively of me and others don’t. I cannot be in everyone’s favor. I just believe that if I act with sincerity, people will recognize it,” and smiled.

[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Will Not Leave ‘Running Man’ Just to Focus on Other Projects

Good Friends was first introduced to the public thought its press conference on June 25, with his co-stars praising Lee Kwang Soo’s acting ability.

He said, “The hyungs never really praised me before (laughter) so I felt embarrassed to hear them praise me publicly. I learned many things as I acted alongside Ji Sung hyung and Joo Ji Hoon hyung, apart from the project itself. Ji Sung provided a good example for me, since he is a good husband. Joo Ji Hoon also jokes around but I found out later that he said good things about me to others. I gained good brothers by filming Good Friends.”

Meanwhile, Good Friends will premiere on July 10.

Photo credit: Newsen

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