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Brown Eyed Girls And Its Road To Success

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2011.10.03 12:10 Mwave Lee, InKyung

While the Brown Eyed Girls is now considered one of the top girl groups in Korea, there was a time when no one knew who they were. The fact that the members didn’t experience immediate success is almost a boon, since the girls are constantly working hard to make sure they don’t fall out of the spotlight again.

Jea, the leader of the group, even shed tears while speaking of the group’s past, saying that she felt “sorry toward Gain” when she thought back to the days when the group was struggling to survive.

On the October 2 broadcast of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News, MBC announced Lee Sung Bae interviewed the group on both its past and present.

Brown Eyed Girls And Its Road To Success

Brown Eyed Girls And Its Road To Success

Brown Eyed Girls And Its Road To Success

When Lee asked the members what had changed the most since their debut, Jea answered promptly, “Money.”

“Before we made our debut, we made Gain pay the exact same amount even when we were getting just one serving of ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes),” continued Jea. “None of us even had part time jobs and we were all having a hard time, but we divided the price up to the last 500 won. When I think back to those times, I am sorry toward Gain.”

Gain, as the youngest member of the group, is over five years younger than her fellow members, and would most likely have been treated out, or taken care of, in a traditional situation.

Narsha added, “We’re happy and thankful that we’ve become successful, that we’re here being interviewed in a nice place and that a lot of people recognize us.”

The group cheered up talking while talking about Jo Kwon, who had been ‘married’ to Gain on the virtual marriage show, We Got Married, and Gain said, “I was surprised that a lot of people are still interested in [how the two of us are doing]. We still keep in touch and we’re doing fine.”

All of the members, excluding Gain, said that they were against revealing their romantic relationships to the public.

Gain, on the other hand, simply smiled and said, “If I was seeing someone and the scandal appeared in the news, I don’t think I would be able to say it’s not true to the end.”

Brown Eyed Girls is promoting its single Sixth Sense, which is currently sweeping various music charts.

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