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[Interview] Gummy Worked Hard to Keep Her Pride for Past 11 Years

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2014.06.28 16:00 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Gummy made her comeback after four years, releasing her mini album and the title song I loved…have no regrets.

In a recent interview, Gummy shared her thoughts on celebrating 11 years since her debut, things that have changed and remained the same.

Gummy said, “I’m still nervous. I feel pressured too. I especially worry about my throat condition when an album is released and I have to perform. Carrying out promotions is completely different than singing in my daily life. I sing comfortably when I go to noraebang (singing room) or attend events but when I perform on stage, it stresses my throat a lot. I try not to be like that and feel comfortable, but it’s not easy.”

She continued “But it got a lot better than before. I think I learned how to take care of myself better than when I was younger. I also came to think that nothing can be solved by worrying about and being anxious over my situation.”

[Interview] Gummy Worked Hard to Keep Her Pride for Past 11 Years

“Musically speaking, I’ve always wanted to be recognized as the singer who is good at singing. I used to think about kind of music I should do and whether I should follow the trends but now I think about how I’m living my life, what are the things that people can sympathize with and how music can help solve the problems from daily life,” said Gummy.

She explained, “I’m not as concerned about techniques. If I practiced breathing and vocalization before, now I focus more on creativity.”

When asked, “Apart from the changes, is there anything that you tried to keep?” Gummy answered, “I think I tried to not be embarrassed. I worked hard to keep my pride.”

Gummy concluded, “Since the time of debut, the name of Gummy was followed with titles such as a singer who is good at singing or a singer who sings better than singers. I felt pressured to meet those expectations. I think I’ve always thought, ‘I cannot fall behind. I need to keep my pride. I should make changes within the boundary.’”

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

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