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[Video] Jessica and Krystal Diss Each Other With f(x) and SNSD Songs

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2014.06.18 13:38 Mwave Lee Ji Young Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

June 17’s broadcast of On Style’s Jessica & Krystal featured the Jung sisters bickering with one another.

The ‘diss’ session began when Jessica and Krystal made their way to Soho in New York city for a photoshoot.

Krystal looked for earphones to listen to music in the car and when the manager tried to hand them to her, Jessica stopped him, refusing to hand the earphones to Krystal for not responding to her earlier.

Getting annoyed by Jessica’s actions, Krystal yelled out, “I will play the music loudly then,” and put on SNSD’s Mr.Mr.. Jessica then yelled out, “I will kill you! Should I kill her or not” and glared at Krystal but she continued to play the music as she danced to Jessica’s part in the song.

Then Jessica said, “Mr. Mr is my favorite song. I loved it since the time I was preparing for it. I worked really hard. I was so happy to make comeback with this song,” but the sisters burst out laughing due to Jessica’s lack of seriousness in her tone.

[Video] Jessica and Krystal Diss Each Other With f(x) and SNSD Songs

Not willing to lose to her younger sister, Jessica said, “Soo Jung, unnie will play a song now,” and put on Melody (Moderato) by Krystal.

Embarrassed to hear her song, Krystal yelled, “Please don’t do this!” and tried to take the phone away from Jessica. Jessica continued to make fun of her younger sister by saying, “Soo Jung, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen?”

Krystal said, “You really want to start this?” and went on to play SNSD’s I Got a Boy, which led Jessica to calmly say, “Unnie is not very happy, Soo Jung.”

Finally, Jessica played Krystal’s solo song Because of me, making Krystal to beg, “Pease don’t, don’t” and ending the diss session with Jessica’s win.

Check out the video here!

Photo credit: On Style

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