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Kim Soo Hyun Rewrites History with 35 Commercials to His Name

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2014.06.13 17:54 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Taking over the smallscreen, Kim Soo Hyun is rewriting history for the commercial industry by setting a new record being the advertisement model for 35 different countries.

According to the commercial industry, Kim Soo Hyun has recently filmed 15 commercials in South Korea. Since 2012 with his appearance in MBC′s The Moon that Embraces the Sun, SBS′ You Who Came From the Stars, his movies Thieves and Secretly Greatly, Kim Soo Hyun has hit success with every project he′s touched, keeping his place on top in the CF world.

He has contracted with 15 companies, including Beyond, ZioZia, Tous Les Jours, Petizel, Hana Bank, and more.

"Usually, it′s very difficult to film more than 15 commercials," said an affiliate in the commercial industry. "It′s very hard to get contracted with businesses of the same field or of a similar image during the same period. So it′s an incredible thing that he has 15 commercials in that sense. You really can′t overlook Kim Soo Hyun′s status."

Kim Soo Hyun Rewrites History with 35 Commercials to His Name

However, it doesn′t just stop in Korea. With the popularity of You Who Came From the Stars, companies abroad are offering their hands towards Kim Soo Hyun. A total of 20 companies overseas, including Ten Cent, Semir, Aokang, Yi Li, and Coca Cola, have signed with Kim Soo Hyun, and some of these contracts include special benefits, such as private jets for travel.

With this, Kim Soo Hyun has set a new record by contracting with 35 different companies in just one year.

But the money he′s earned from commercials is being put to good use, as Kim Soo Hyun has been returning the money to society. When the Sewol ferry tragedy struck, Kim Soo Hyun donated 300 million won to help the students of Danwon high school. He has also donated 200 million won to help children in China.

As his popularity continues to grow, Kim Soo Hyun continues to get many lovecalls from overseas, but his agency, KeyEast says that he and the company are carefully considering the offers, especially with discussion of his future acting projects ongoing.

"We are receiving many commercial offers, but we′re trying to refrain from them to focus on Kim Soo Hyun′s image and future project," said KeyEast. "Even during his busy schedules from Korea to China, he is always considering different scripts. Acting projects have more priority than commercials. After he worries about it just a bit more, Kim Soo Hyun will soon return to fans with another good project."

Photo Credit: KeyEast

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