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[Interview] Jo Hui Bong Hopes for 3 Million Viewers for ′Blind′

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2011.08.17 06:25 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

[Interview] Jo Hui Bong Hopes for 3 Million Viewers for ′Blind′

There′s always a ′scene stealer′ in every movie and drama. That actor who leaves an impression as deep as those left by the lead actors - but of course, this can only happen when that actor is a superb one.

[Interview] Jo Hui Bong Hopes for 3 Million Viewers for ′Blind′


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Jo Hui Bong is one of those select few. The 41 year old actor is known as the actor who can spice up a piece as if he was human seasoning.

[Interview] Jo Hui Bong Hopes for 3 Million Viewers for ′Blind′

eNews met with Jo Hui Bong, who can be considered to be an actor, ′down to the bone.′

Surprisingly, Jo is shy and reserved, more like a teenage boy than a man who has lived and experienced much. While people his age usually talk as if they know everything there is to know in the world, Jo is different. He′s the replica of his role as Detective Jo Hui Bong in the film ′Blind′.

"I wanted to present my audience with warm and humane emotions through the detective Jo Hui Bong. I wanted to convey the message that the world is still worth living," said Jo. "Director An Sang Hun also said he wanted to give his audience some humanism through Detective Jo Hui Bong. He thanked me after we finished the film for helping him do so. (Laugh)"4

[Interview] Jo Hui Bong Hopes for 3 Million Viewers for ′Blind′

In ′Blind,′ Jo became a detective who helps solve a hit-and-run case which a visually impaired girl named Su Ah saw, and which a young man named Gi Seop saw. Because Jo′s role was that of a detective, there were many combat scenes with the suspect that forced many dangerous situations in which he could have been seriously injured.

"I really wanted to perfect the combat scene with the suspect (Yang Yeong Jo). The suspect had a surgical knife, and I had nothing, so it was very important for us to keep in step. Detective Jo and the suspect were both very important roles, as important as the main protagonists were, so there were many dangerous and difficult scenes," said Jo. "The most difficult was the scene in which I had to die. I had to have a fight in a dusty parking lot and then lie on a cold concrete floor while acting out my death. It was very cold and there was a great possibility I could get hurt."

This scene could be said to be the highlight of the film. The warmth and kindness he showed when he tried to help the visually impaired Su Ah find the suspect could even be felt by the audience outside of the screen, and entertained them with both humanism and a fiery action scene in one thriller.

′Blind′ stars Kim Ha Neul, Yoo Seung Ho, Yang Yeong Jo, and Jo Hui Bong. Thanks to its actors and its tight storyline, the film gathered 600,000 moviegoers in just six days. Even taking into consideration the fact that the film is rated off-limits to the underage, a box office success may well be on its way. But upon hearing well-wishing remarks that the film will surely be able to gather five million viewers, Jo Hui Bong becamse cautious.

"Five million is a very hard number to reach. My 2008 film ′Once Upon a Time′ premiered before the Chuseok holidays, and it ranked #1 in ticket sales. But it came in at a little over 2.5 million. I′ve never starred in a film which went over the 3 million record. That’s why I’ve set my goal at 3 million for now. It’s a record I haven′t broken yet (Laugh)."

[Interview] Jo Hui Bong Hopes for 3 Million Viewers for ′Blind′

Jo has become an actor who is recognized not only in Korea, but worldwide. At the Mexican Film Festival held in Mexico last month, he narrated the 1934 silent-film ′Turning Point of the Youngsters,′ and received a standing ovation.

"It was weird. There were Spanish subtitles on the screen but they laughed in the same places the Korean audience laughed. I believe that they thought of Korean not as a language, but as music," said Jo. "They understood the story through the emotions in our accents, and it was amazing to see how they reacted to the sad scenes with teary eyes."

After the Mexican Film Festival came to an end, seven countries requested another performance. He said he was too busy with his films and dramas for now, but he plans to take up those offers someday. He has become an actor who reads the hearts of not only the Korean public, but the global audience.

Forty one. It′s not a young age for an actor, but his passion and possibilities still know no limits.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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