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[Exclusive Interview] A Pink on Dating and Playing Hard to Get

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2014.06.06 13:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Among all the girl groups trying out sexy concepts, A Pink has stuck to what they know and do best - be cute, loveable and charming.

Since the group’s debut, the A Pink members have winked and aegyoed their way to the top - but as the group has grown older, the girls are flirting with, well, flirting.

A Pink has refrained from going the all-out sexy route, donning short skirts, while staying arguably modest, and with A Pink’s latest mini-album, Pink Blossom, the girls have grown up, calling out for kisses with hit title track Mr. Chu.

In an interview with Mwave prior to A Pink’s MEET&GREET, A Pink spilled on what they think about mil-dang (push and pull; playing hard to get), as the group has dubbed one of the choreographed moves for Mr. Chu as the mil-dang dance.

[Exclusive Interview] A Pink on Dating and Playing Hard to Get

The following is a brief conversation with A Pink about the merits and pitfalls of playing hard to get

Mwave: So what do you guys think about mil-dang?

Ha Young: I’m against it! I think that when it comes to a person I like, I don’t want to be calculating, and I think just having a devoted love is right.

Mwave: And if a guy did it?

A Pink: NO!!!

Ha Young: I don’t like it! I really dont like it. I wish that we’d be able to just keep looking at each other like sunflowers.

Bomi: I can’t do mil-dang, it’s not in my personality. But I think you need it when you’re dating.

[Exclusive Interview] A Pink on Dating and Playing Hard to Get

Jung Eun Ji: I mean, I think if there’s too much, then it’s not great. But I think you need at least some [mil-dang]. Because, even though couples obviously like each other, there still needs to be something fun right? I feel like there should be at least some mil-dang to stir up the heart a little. I guess it depends on how true the feelings are?

Nam Joo: This is just what I think but, if you’re purposely just trying to use mil-dang, like, ‘Okay, gotta use mil-dang now!!’, rather than doing it on purpose, if it just comes out naturally, that’s better….

Chorong: But that’s what’s hard!!

Nam Joo: I agree! That is what’s hard!!

Jung Eun Ji: But if it’s honest, I feel like you’ll just naturally get happy and naturally get sad. Isn’t honesty the most important?

Cho Rong: Love is the most important, no?

[Exclusive Interview] A Pink on Dating and Playing Hard to Get

Son Na Eun: What’s mildang? (joking?)

Cho Rong: She’s never dated, so she doesn’t know

Son Na Eun: Of course, when you date you should just go about it without over thinking it, but I think you need at least some mil-dang. But with that said, you shouldn’t go use it in a bad way… I think having cute mil-dang is good too? And i think even with devoted love, I feel like mil-dang comes up a little . But I really really hate when someone tries to make you jealous on purpose. I think when mil-dang comes naturally, that’s something that’s necessary.

But to not contact someone, just to do mil-dang, or to make someone jealous, I feel like that’s not good for a couple.

Mwave: Since you′ve learned all about how A Pink works the mil-dang, learn A Pink′s mil-dang dance through the choreography video below and check out A Pink′s MEET&GREET broadcast here only on Mwave!

And leave us a comment telling us which A Pink member′s mil-dang method you prefer below!

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