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[Interview Part II] Song Seung Hun Isn’t Jealous of Married Couples

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2012.05.17 09:05 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

This is a continuation of an interview with Song Seung Hun. The first part can be found here.

These days mentors are popular. Who is Song Seung Hun’s mentor? Also, do you have any juniors you feel more attached to?

“The first mentor that comes to my mind is Shin Dong Yeop sunbae (senior). He’s active as an MC and comedian, in areas completely different from my own area, but when I first debuted through drama I learned a lot from him like he was my older brother. I learned the attitude I should carry not only while I act, but throughout my life, and also modesty."

"As an actor, I want to take on Lee Byung Hun sunbae, and he gives me a lot of advice on acting. As for juniors, [I feel attached to] So Ji Sub. We started off in showbiz together through a photo shoot, and we’ve continued to be active as actors even until now. We share our sorrows and our joys not just like senior and junior celebrities, but like real brothers.”

You appear in one piece a year on average. What do you do in the time between? Do you have any special hobbies?

“I watch a lot of films at home, I exercise a lot and golf is my favorite sport. I think I can say these days my hobby is to get on social networks.”

You don’t look aged at all; people even call you vampire handsome. What’s the secret behind your looks?

“First I want to thank everyone for saying that. (Laugh) I guess I could say my secret is that I exercise in my spare time over a long period of time. It’s been long since I quit smoking, and I don’t drink a lot either. About one or two glasses of beer? (Laugh) Also, maybe it’s because I try to think positively?”

I heard that the Song Seung Hun brand pasta restaurant, Blacksmith is doing great. Are there any areas you’re interested in other than acting? Do you want to take up anything else other than acting in the future?

“My dream when I was little was to manage a hotel with my name on it. I think you can say opening a restaurant is my first step toward that dream. (Laugh)”

[Interview Part II] Song Seung Hun Isn’t Jealous of Married Couples

In the past, you said that between your career and love you would choose, without hesitation, love. You’re in your mid-30s now and your friends Kwon Sang Woo and Jang Dong Gun have all wed and had sons. Do you ever think about marriage?

“I do envy them, but I still think marriage is so far away for me. (Laugh) Of course, if a woman that fits me appears I may even marry her immediately tomorrow.”

This year is your 17th year since your debut. You started off as a model, but you’ve left behind your gentle image to take on a variety of new images. When was your biggest turning point as an actor, and what plans do you have for your future as an actor?

“I think my most recent piece My Princess was my turning point. I used to act in heavy and dark characters which had been through difficult times, but in My Princess, I took on a rich heir role for the first time. I thought that those bright and light roles personally made me feel joyful also.”

Where do you believe the Korean wave will go in the future as an actor who leads the wave, and what do you want to try as a hallyu star in the future?

“Actually, I previously only knew about the Korean wave indirectly through various media outlets. Last year, however, I was able to meet everyone in person through visits in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan, and I really felt how strong the Korean wave was. This is a great chance, and I hope we take advantage of this chance to spread Korean culture far and wide."

"I believe that if all of those in related entertainment industries and not only singers or actors like me work hard to develop competitive content, we’ll be able to continue this flow. I also believe that the Korean wave can become richer if it doesn’t flow in just one direction. We could communicate with and share each country’s unique culture, like for example if we have kimchi in Korea, Vietnam has rice noodles.

There have also been concerns that the Korean wave is a big ‘bubble’ now, but if you take a good look, K-Pop, Korean food and the Korean language has found its place as a culture of their own, and they’re gathering more interest in various forms. I hope we can make this great flow richer with everyone’s effort.”

[This article was written with cooperation from the Korea Foundation and the Korea Times.]

Photo credit: Song Seung Hun’s Agency

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