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Top 10 Moments of You Are all Surrounded: Episode 8

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2014.05.31 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Criminals are caught, secrets get revealed, and we get so many lovey dovey moments in episode 8 that we′re left smiling.

Flip through to see our favorite moments of episode 8!

When he remembers exactly where and how you first met and then runs up an entire mountain to tell you about it without making you feel stupid about being wrong.

That awesome feeling after you successfully catch a criminal and then you get standing ovation from the entire department.

When every little thing feels like lubbbbbbbbbbb

OH SNAAAAAAAAAP. Was.not.expecting.that.

When Eun Dae Gu tries to catch a glimpse of his unofficially new crush…but instead meet eyes with someone else. Super awkward.

Lee Eung Do: Doesn′t he and Dae Gu look alike?

Seo Pan Seok: What are you talking about?
The only thing they have in common are the dark color of their eyes.
If you say that anywhere else, you’ll get cursed at!

When you try so hard, but all your boss can do is laugh at your efforts. Too cute.

Awwww. He came! With an extra umbrella too!...But she’s not in there.

OMG, why does this ALWAYS happen in dramas?!.

Seo Pan Seok: So you were alive, Kim Ji Yong.

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