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Fans Express Disappointment in After School as Pledis and Raina Apologize

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2014.05.28 17:46 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

At an event where fanservice is key, After School fans couldn’t help but feel disappointed when After School made no acknowledgement of fans during the long recording of MBC’s Idol Futsal World Cup.

The issue began on May 25, when Pledis asked several fanclubs if it was possible to prepare banners for After School for the Idol Futsal World Cup.

Despite the fact that the request came in less than 12 hours before the actual event, the fanclubs agreed and quickly made preparations.

“With complications sorted out, the recording for the Idol Futsal World Cup began, but the members did not even try to say a proper hello or interact with the fans at all. The members didn’t even try to move a few centimeters to see the fans who came far just to see their faces,” read a statement written by Chil Hyerin Dot Com, a Raina fansite. “Despite public transportation closing, fans waited around, thinking that they would see After School at the final recording. However, without any announcement, the members didn’t participate in the recording and left the scene.”

Fans Express Disappointment in After School as Pledis and Raina Apologize

“Fan service is not an obligation, but fans are not people with free time, who can leisurely spend an entire day to see the members. Even if the members did not have any intention to say a proper hello, the company should not ignore the fans.”

The fanclub also noted several other miscommunication issues that have occurred between the company and the fanclubs. ‘Chil Hyerin Dot Com’ and ‘Ga Eun Ah Dot Com’ have tentatively shut down its fansites until Pledis apologizes.

On May 28, Pledis formally apologized to fans through After School’s official café, admitting its fault in the matter.

“We sincerely apologize for causing much concern to the fans by not handling matters correctly. We understand the complaints made by fans,” said Pledis, who added that it will do its best to take the complaints as feedback and create a better communication system between the company and the fans. Pledis promised to make sure this kind of issue never happens again.

Fans Express Disappointment in After School as Pledis and Raina Apologize

After School’s Raina also took to her Twitter to apologize to the fans, writing out a long post.

“I went in [the fansite] to make a post, but because it was closed, I’m writing it here. I’ll probably erase it a little while later, because only the people who need to read it will read it. I thought it would have been announced, but because it wasn’t, I’m a little caught off guard. I should have said something on Twitter, but I wasn’t able to because we urgently left for the emergency room.”

She explained that she created Twitter to be able to interact with fans and that she has always felt grateful to the fans, wanting to support them as well by providing snacks, despite these actions frustratingly not being fulfilled at times.

"I understand that you can think of this as an excuse, but I′m hurt that even these genuine thoughts are becoming lies."

“If I placed myself in your shoes, of course there will be disappointment. I realize now that I wasn’t able to take care of you because I was too busy thinking that I was tired. I’m sorry. Because I’m lacking, I think I hurt the people who care about me. You said that you were afraid of bothering my condition and mood that you never comfortable watched me. That’s not what I wanted. Just your support is enough for me. I think that I also had a hard time knowing that you were watching over me with that kind of heart. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be a more caring singer. It must have been really hard up until this point, so I’m sincerely thankful that you came all this way with just me in sight.”

Raina ended with, “I will think about this deeply once more and live not forgetting the people who give me strength from near and far from now on.”

The tweets have since been deleted from her Twitter.

Photo Credit: Raina’s Twitter, Pledis

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