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Mighty Mouth′s Sangchoo Reveals Details on Enlistment

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2012.05.15 14:11 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Mighty Mouth’s Sangchoo revealed that he was determined to enter the military on active duty near the end of the year.

The announcement came at the recent showcase for Mighty Mouth’s Bad Guy. In front of the press, he said, “After promoting, I’ll be entering the army near the end of the year. I was hurt while appearing in broadcasts last year, but I continued to treat my injuries. Now, they’re almost healed, so I plan to be enlisted near the end of the year.”

Mighty Mouth′s Sangchoo Reveals Details on Enlistment

He then added, “Actually, I was categorized as a public service worker in the physical examination, but I worked hard to heal and I’m to enter the army as an active soldier. I still have the physical examination left, but I will be going on active duty.”

Sangchoo is 31 years old in Korean age, way older than the recommended age for enlistment. Since a few years ago he’s already been receiving questions about his plans to serve. Last year, he planned to enlist, but then he was met with an unfortunate shoulder injury, which led him to be categorized as a level 4 reserve. Level 4 reserves serve not as active duty soldiers, but as public service workers.

Sangchoo is known for his healthy image, and is an actual sportsman that graduated from the department of physical education at Korea University. Once, he revealed his muscular six pack through a photo posted on his mini homepage. His bright singles with Mighty Mouth, I Love You, Energy, LaLaLa and Tok Tok, also added to his bright and healthy image.

He was always healthy, so getting the level 4 reserve categorization troubled him. His worries only intensified when people started talking more about his military duties since last year. At the time an agency rep had said, “He’s been hurt, so he can’t serve soon, but we’re worried that it may look like he’s trying to push back his enlistment.” The questions were even more burdensome because Sangchoo had never really came forth to reveal that he had been injured, thinking that the news may harm the program he got hurt in.

When the press asked him about his plans to enter the military again during his showcase, Sangchoo finally revealed, “I was categorized as a public service worker, but I’ll get my physical examination again to serve on active duty.” He hadn’t prepared the answer, but he revealed everything the same when it came up.

After leaving the stage for his showcase, Sangchoo told enews, “I just said my thoughts when it came up. I would’ve had to say something about it soon anyway. I feel better now that I’ve said it, actually.”

The relatively weak (?) Shorry J has already served as a public service worker. Shorry J said, “I have to promote alone after Sangchoo joins the military. I am worried, but I have prepared something myself.”

Mighty Mouth is currently promoting Bad Guy. The single has risen to the tops of various music download charts as it fits well with the late spring high temperatures. The ‘Mighty Girl’ Soya, who became known for her cute tissue-pulling dance in Tok Tok, leant strength to the single with her vocals.

Photo credit: Sangchoo’s mini homepage

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