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‘Fashion King’ Suffers from Low Ratings and Slow Story

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2012.05.15 14:45 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Fashion King’s Shin Se Kyung was quick to turn in her letter of resignation after her promotion.

Shin Se Kyung, who had been wavering between two men, left her company. As all the youth appearing in Fashion King continue to be as wishy-washy, viewers also seem to be leaving the drama altogether.

‘Fashion King’ Suffers from Low Ratings and Slow Story

In the 17th episode of SBS’ Fashion King, which aired on May 14, Lee Ka Young (Shin Se Kyung) was shown turning in a letter of resignation to Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Je Hoon), just like Gang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In) told her to.

Ka Young was suddenly promoted to the director of her team, but the day after the congratulating party her for her promotion, she turned in a letter of resignation to Jae Hyuk. This was because when Young Gul confessed his love for Ka Young, he kept telling her to leave the company, at the same time lashing out at her asking whether she likes Jae Hyuk.

At this, Ka Young sat at the director’s desk Jae Hyuk got her to write a letter of resignation addressed to Jae Hyuk. Jae Hyuk exploded with fury when Ka Young suddenly turns in the letter, as he had to endure reproach from his father Jung Man Ho (Kim Il Woo) for promoting Ka Young.

In his anger, Jae Hyuk shot out, “You were so happy at the party; why are you turning in your letter of resignation now? You don’t have any more use of me? Are you going to come back when you need me again? I brought in an orphan, high school graduate, factory girl to be the designing team director in a major company and this is how you repay me?”

Ka Young, however, didn’t lose her cool, and said calmly, “There are hierarchical rules in the company, and I don’t think I should be director. I’m sorry.” She then headed to Young Gul’s factory.

After arriving at Young Gul’s factory, Ka Young gave him a jacket she made with his initials on it, and got into a romantic mood in the luxurious mansion Young Gul prepared. The mood didn’t last long. Ka Young learned that Young Gul was plotting to take Jae Hyuk’s brand away from him in revenge, and tried to stop him.

In the day’s broadcast Ka Young failed to achieve anything career-wise or relationship-wise. The last part of the episode even showed that Jae Hyuk and Choi An Na (Kwon Yuri) may be coming together again, plunging the viewers into even more confusion.

Viewers continued to criticize the slow story led by the aimless characters.

Soon after the episode aired, viewer boards were covered with posts reading, ‘The lead turns in her letter of resignation a day after her promotion party’ and ‘I just can’t relate to the male and female leads.’ They also complained that the story was so slow despite the fact that the drama has just three episodes left, saying, ‘We can’t even start to guess the ending for this drama.’

Fashion King recorded 9.5 percent viewership ratings nationwide (AGB Nielsen Media Research), failing to make the 10 percent mark.

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