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[Interview] Jang Dong Gun was Glad to Act Opposite Kim Min Hee in ‘Crying Man’

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2014.05.31 15:00 Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Jang Dong Gun expressed his satisfaction in acting opposite Kim Min Hee.

Waiting for his movie Crying Man to premiere, Jang Dong Gun attended an interview held on May 26 at a café in Samcheong-dong.

Bringing up the fact that he praised Kim Min Hee during the movie’s press conference and showcase, Jang Dong Gun was asked if he was that satisfied with the actress. He coolly answered, “It was to the point where I was relieved when I heard that Kim Min Hee was going to do it.”

[Interview] Jang Dong Gun was Glad to Act Opposite Kim Min Hee in ‘Crying Man’

Jang Dong Gun said, “I was cast first while the scenario was being planned and I saw how important the character of ‘Mo Kyung’ was to me. There is only one scene where we meet in the movie but my character goes through a change as he watches ‘Mo Kyung’ and her reactions. I was very curious to see who would be cast as ‘Mo Kyung.’”

He continued, “Then I heard Kim Min Hee was cast for the role and was relieved, because she has been showing good acting in her recent projects. I had my trust in her acting ability. As I filmed with her, I saw how much she had changed since when she was young. I had many thoughts as an actor as I saw how much she has matured up.”

Jang Dong Gun said, “During my 20 year acting career, I acted along with many actresses and one thing I felt is that there is a moment when an actress changes completely. There is even a time where an actress becomes a totally different person overnight. To be honest, that’s very rare among actors. Actors who are good in the beginning continue to be good and those who were bad can either get better little by little, or just stay the same.”

[Interview] Jang Dong Gun was Glad to Act Opposite Kim Min Hee in ‘Crying Man’

He added, “Of course, it depends on the situation for actresses too but Kim Min Hee is an actress who showed change all of a sudden. I could feel that from her. Although we encounter each other once in the movie I was able to watch her act during filming. I could tell that she has changed and advanced and was amazed by it.”

Meanwhile, Crying Man will premiere on June 4.

Photo credit: Newsen, Crying Man movie poster

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