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[Exclusive Interview] M.Pire Gets Sexy and Talks Finding Its Color

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2014.05.22 16:21 Mwave Nancy Lee

Rumor has it rookie group M.Pire is back, and the members recently sat down with Mwave to talk about their comeback ahead of their upcoming MEET&GREET.

Back with a suave look and new single album Rumor, latest single She Ain’t Like That, which the group describes as a funky, retro track, also features an eye-catching choreography that the ladies are sure to love.

“We named it the banjijak dance, playing off of the words banji (ring) and manjijak (to fiddle with),” said Lumin. “The concept for ‘She Ain’t Like That’ is that the girl is innocent and standoffish in front of others, but in front of her man, she changes 180 degrees. If you look at it one way, all seven of us are her boyfriend, and the ring is a way to express that.”

The M.Pire members can relate to the song in real life as well, as the boys said they would prefer that the girl didn’t show all of her cards.

T.O said, “I want someone who is only sexy and sensuous in front of me. I’d rather her not be sexy towards others.”

Maknae Jerry agreed, stating “She can be standoffish and play coy in front of others, but in front of me, she can act completely free.”

Chinese member Red, meanwhile, prefers cute girls, saying “I like girls that show me a lot of aegyo.”

The boys may know what they want when it comes to women, but the M.Pire members admitted that finding their color as a group took some time. Still, they say third time’s the charm, and back with their third single, the members are feeling much more confident.

[Exclusive Interview] M.Pire Gets Sexy and Talks Finding Its Color

“To be honest, with our first and second albums, we couldn’t say with confidence what exactly made M.Pire unique,” said T.O. “But what I felt with the third album is that we’re all manly, but also sexy in a refined way.”

“Lumin is good at songwriting and composing, Jerry and U Seung are also good at writing raps,” added leader Tae Hee. “Honestly, before this, at the time of our debut, we went with songs the agency gave us, but after Lumin joined the group, we’ve been talking more about music among ourselves in order to make music that is uniquely M.pire.”

The boys may have struggled to find their place in the crowded K-Pop scene, but M.Pire is definitely on the right track now - if ranking number one on Mnet Japan’s music chart with She Ain’t Like That is any indication.

“I think it’s really exceptional,” said Lumin of the feat. “We haven’t officially released an album in Japan yet and we began promotions in Japan for the first time through our last mini concert, so it’s more meaningful to us. It has become a driving force for us to work hard.”

Already feeling the love abroad, M.Pire revealed it will be meeting its fans overseas sooner than later with plans to visit China, Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines in July.

Lumin said, “In order to let more people know about M.Pire, we’re trying to show our faces to more fans overseas.”

He continued, “In July, we plan to meet fans on tour basically, but we heard some really great news - that an M.Pire fan club has been established in Hawaii – so to commemorate the fan club, we’re going to have a concert there.”

The boys are showing no signs of slowing down, and wherever the fans call, M.Pire will be there. In the meantime, join the boys live at Mwave’s MEET&GREET on May 28!

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